The One And Only Coffee Smell Alarm Clock

Coffe Smell Alarm Clock

There is something with mornings and the smell of coffee. Just the scent of it wakes you right up. This probably was the though of the makers of the first one and only coffee scent alarm clock. Instead of an alarm sound the smell of coffee will awaken you from your slumber. You can also equip this alarm clock with other scents, for example freshly cut grass. I think I would sleep right through this wake-up attempt. It’s just not doing it for me but coffee …. that’s a whole different story.

From their product page:

It diffuses the fragrance for three minutes using an interchangeable scent cartridge and then engages a light and an audio alarm by playing one of five melodies. With a snooze button and backlight. Includes seven scent cartridges (coffee, peppermint, orange juice, fresh cut grass, seaside, pine woods, and apple-cinnamon)

Buy it here: Coffee Smell Alarm Clock

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