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Placenta Magic Peeling And Other Musings

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Korea keeps giving… and giving. Zero fucks as well. At the beginning you will find pics I took of odd things in Korea. It never ends! Hehe! We are on our last 2 weeks here in Busan. Sad to leave but also excited to get started with our next adventure. …

Bizarre Stock Photos

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After I have seen the official photos of the US Olympic Team 2012 – nothing surprises me anymore. NOTHING! As you know, I make my living as a photographer, either getting hired, using them in our travel books or re-sell them to newspaper or magazines. Now I just found a …

Hello Kitty Wiener Cutter

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Let’s put a smile on that sausage!
These cute bento and cooking tools will turn simple mini wiener hot dogs into cute Hello Kitties. There are two different styles included, one is just the Hello Kitty face, while the other is a Hello Kitty face with a heart. Fits wieners sized …

Black Toothpaste

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Not sure what’s more gross, the black toothpaste or that nail!
Despite being a black colored toothpaste, it won’t leave your teeth stained black, but actually make them cleaner due to one of its primary ingredients, charcoal. Why charcoal? Because of its amazing absorption properties, it is used for many soaps …

Ice Cream Made Of Children And Other Musings

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A cannibal delicatessen. And how innocently it’s been presented. Displayed right next to Zabaione and Chocolate flavor. I really hope the children have been grown all organic and stuff. I wonder how children ice cream tastes. Is it more hearty, salty or just plain sweet? Can anyone help me .. …

Super Man Pizza And Other Musings

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I love Pizza, I can’t get enough Pizza but I’m on the verge of a Pizza overkill. Since we are in Palermo we never had more Pizza in our life (the best one so far, the stuffed crust pizza). The main problem is, after a huge pizza meal for dinner …

Crazy Bamboleo Guy

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This is maybe the craziest face-workout I’ve ever seen! Impressive, stunning and yet entertaining. The Gypsy Kings would be so proud of you. Talking of Gypsy Kings – my cousin from Serbia came to visit us in Germany and one of her lovers invited her to see them live in …

Really Strange Candy from Japan

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Where are currently in the process of deciding where we are heading next for our Travel Blog and after watching this video it just plain has to be Japan. I don’t know what it is, poisonous or how it tastes but …

Look Like A Christmas Tree Jewelry Set + Other Cool Xmas Things!

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Getting into the Christmas mood without having a home is kind of hard but we will buy a cheap little plastic tree, cook nicely and all but still, it will be hard. Maybe I should just go over the top by wearing this flashing Christmas jewelry!!!! Better not, I might …

Brain Winter Hat And Other Musings

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I call this brainy a smart design decision and super geeky on top of it. Yeah my lady, scratch your brain and watch how nobody is going to do anything against it. The bearded winter hat was a huge hit on Random Good Stuff but this brain hat takes it …

Chocolate Kebab

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Today we were running around near the Palermo train station to find the bus going to the small town/city of Bagheria. That was very stressful but this Chocolate Kebab caught my attention even though it was just out of the corner of my eye. I’m a huge fan of Döner …

Real Human Superman–Dough!

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So what do you think, does he look better now or before. And how sick is it on a scale from 1 to 10?
Herbert Chavez is a 35-year-old Filipino man who has since 1995 endured numerous plastic surgeries in an effort to more closely resemble Superman, the legendary DC Comics …

Helium Dog

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So watch this video and guess what’s wrong with this dog. Yeah fine … it has something to do with helium but first you need to have an insane white dog like this one, get him jumping and then aim a fan at him which blow helium in it’s face. …

Worst Job: Cobra Pit Cleaner

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There are jobs and there are jobs. I’m trying to imagine the ad in the newspaper …. We are looking for an experienced Cobra handler who likes to clean pits once in a while. Compensation: All the egg shells you find are yours. That guy in the video is handling …

Weird and Bizarre Toothpaste Flavors: Bacon, Cupcake and Pickle (of course)

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We know that tastes are different and every person prefers something else. I’m tempted by the bacon flavored toothpaste but cupcake (eeeks) or even worse pickle makes me want to throw up or something. What about Donkey Sweat, Nipple Twist or Pussy Pussy flavored toothpaste? Hmmm – now brushing your …

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