Wine Sippy Cup

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Who says adults don’t sippy cups. No more red wine messes!
Double Wall Insulated Tumbler with a unique Wine Glass inner liner design. Tumbler is produced using BPA Free shatter proof clear SAN Acrylic Material. Doublewall construction prevents condensation and keeps beverage at controlled temperature for an extended period of time …

Picnic Wine Glass Holders

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Picnic and great wine is always a challenge but not with those grounded wine/champagne glass holders.
Nothing puts a damper on a picnic more than spilling your wine!  Our Steady Sticks help your wine glasses stay put while you are enjoying the outdoors and a vintage Bordeaux.  SteadySticks are ready when …

Drunk And Wasted Wine Glasses

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After couple of glasses exchange the regular wine glasses with these tipsy ones!
You know that moment on a pleasant evening with friends, when the room starts to feel a little more relaxed, the conversation a little more entertaining, and your worries a bit farther away? Well, these tipsy wine glasses …

The Monstrous Wine Bottle Opener

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Now seeing this machinery and that guy working it I wish they would use some extra steam. After a wine of plenty of red wine consumption that guy working the machine will increase his left arm muscles to a state it will raise some eye brows here and there. Might …

Wine Fountain Glass

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Will make the wine taste better? Probably not but it looks awfully fun.
Hold the glistening display of the Trevi Fountain of Rome in the palm of your hand with our contemporary self aerating wine glass. This wine accessory features an innovative inner wine aerating platform that eliminates the need for …

YES! Wine Pumping Station

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You have seen and heard it right – they have a wine pumping station here in Palermo, Sicily where you bring your own container and you just start filling. The wine isn’t bad at all and our 5 Liter container fills up nicely for only 5 Euros. Now the dangerous …

How to Clean Wine Glasses in a Dishwasher

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What I don’t get about people owning dishwasher is that they pre-hand wash everything. All the new machines should be able to handle all the dirtiness. That yes but wine glasses …. is still a risk.
Washing your wine glasses can be risky business, especially when you’re using your dishwasher. Save …

Buy Exclusive Wine from Argentina Online

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Hmm wine from Argentina! Since we set foot in Buenos Aires I have no idea how many bottles of Malbec we killed. Since we love wine but have no idea what we are really have too link for in a wine we thought we should do a wine tasting here. …

Redneck Wine and Beer Glass

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I personally know people who drink alcohol out of glasses like this. Nöööö! Not me! Hmm, I should upgrade to this. Whooops!
You don’t have to reside in the backwoods to appreciate the humor! A great conversation piece, whatever your pleasure, from wine to white lightning. Even his beer takes on …

This will ban Tetra Paks from the Airport

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Ever wondered what happens when you place boxed wine in a microwave?
– Crazy Animal Parade

Wine Tank Glass

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This glass makes me just drunk just by looking at it. Since we moved to Spain we got big wine drinkers not just because a glass of wine a day does you good but also because Valencian wine is just too good and cheap ;).
The device consists of a …

Murder Mystery Party – Is FUN

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Ohhh – I like mysteries! But I must admit if I would have seen this game in a store I would have gladly skipped on that one. But Mike got it for his mother last year and she got instructed to wait until we were in the US as well …

Make Cheap Wine Look Super Fancy

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I don’t know much about wine even though I drink almost every day – it’s like breathing air here in Spain. But I know one thing – I can’t stand people who make a big show out of showing off that they know tons about wine … Gurgle – Gurgle. …

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