For The Classy Wine Drinker: Guzzle Buddy

Classy Wine Drinker

This is even better than the wine bottle glass I featured in the past. Listen up classy wine drinker (And I’m not talking to the people who drink the wine directly out of a box) this is for you. A wine glass which just fits inside the neck of a wine bottle. So you can … well you get the idea.

Classy Wine Drinker This Is For You!

I’m not considering a classy wine drinker but I do love wine and It angers me seeing what the wine culture has become in the US. It’s something fancy. Here in Spain it’s an every day beverage. You can see old ladies sitting in cafĂ© at 10 am at the morning having a glass of wine before going to the market. It’s an absolut normal thing.

You know how much I would spend for an expensive bottle of wine to bring to a dinner party, around 6 USD! And it’s actually really good wine.

I wish the wine lobby in the US would back off and let people have decent and cheap wine without making them feel guilty because they’re so cheap!

Buy it here: The Guzzle Buddy

guzzle Buddy

Bonus: A wine pumping station

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