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  • Raven As A Pet? Watch This First!

    Looking to get a pet? Many apparently think of just going out to the nature and finding themselves a Raven is a good idea. This guy has one as a pet and he’s brutally honest what you’re going to expect once this bird is in your household. You can see that he loves Sam, his […]

  • The Seagull Teaser

    Meet this seagull teaser extraordinaire. And the seagulls get everything what they asked for, for their greed. Always snatching away our human food and pooping everywhere and being so noisy. If I would have been this guy dude though I would also have brought the windshield wipers and the horn into play as well. Even […]

  • Power Saver Mode Propeller Airplane

    I absolute love these kind of videos where the camera speed is synced to the speed of the the airplane propeller so it looks like the propellers are not moving, even though they’re. And this example below is one of the best ones I’ve seen. Next time I I’m flying in one of those machine […]

  • YouTube Copyright Counter Notice – What Now?

    YouTube Copyright Counter Notice – What Now?

    Let’s assume you’re a small video content creator and you publish these videos to Youtube to make some money with advertisement and obviously to go viral. After some time you do manage to get couple of videos viewed over a million times. Good for you and hey you see some money come in. But one […]

  • The Most Popular Videos I’ve Uploaded To Youtube

    I uploaded my first video to Youtube probably 6 years ago and now I’m well over 800 videos. Most of them are probably not worth watching but I was able to capture couple of gems. Our travel blog definitely helped to create this list of my most popular videos. Drum roll now, my most popular […]

  • TZ Anthem Challenge – Juju On that Beat

    New Dance Challenge: Mannequin Head Dance It’s a sad thing that I find out about the latest cool things on the internet (man I sound like a grandpa) on the Ellen Show. There I found out about The TZ Anthem Challenge – Juju On That Beat Dance. The latest dance craze. On the show was […]