YouTube Copyright Counter Notice – What Now?

Copyright Counter Notice

Let’s assume you’re a small video content creator and you publish these videos to Youtube to make some money with advertisement and obviously to go viral. After some time you do manage to get couple of videos viewed over a million times. Good for you and hey you see some money come in.

But one day you notice this related video on the sidebar while viewing one of those viral videos of yours. WTF? Someone took your video to re-upload or even worse made a compilation video out of it.

Good thing Youtube has a form you can fill out to have that content be removed. It works pretty good even though it is a pain to fill it out every time you find a stolen video of yours.

Everything is all good and you’re happy enough.


Now these channels getting pretty powerful with millions and millions of views of their stolen videos, creating more and more compilations. Making an substantial amount of money. And YouTube is raking it in as well. But guess who’s not making any money of it… you little looser content creator! So you claim your copyright and these stealing channels are getting so cocky that they’re countering your claim saying that they’re the holder of the copyright or they base the counter that the usage of your video was fair use.


Emm, it’s not fair use when your profit off my videos.

Youtube at this point gives you 10 days to go in front of a court to have the video ordered to be removed from the platform. I’m at a point now that I would totally do that BUT these thieves use false names and addresses. What court in even what country is responsible for it?

It’s such a huge scheme and nobody is doing anything to protect the actual creator who went out there to film that footage using their expensive equipment.

Why as a content creator should I create new videos when someone else takes the best parts of your videos, makes compilations and is getting rich from doing basically nothing. I should honestly do it too. Soon there will be only recycled videos anymore online.

Youtube is def. not on your side, believe me! I sent them message after message telling them that this and this channel only exists because they steal. What do I receive from Youtube as advise? Automated messages that I can use this form to claim my copyright. I have!!! BUT they counter! Please, please youtube take a second and look at their videos … it’s all stolen. ALL OF IT. They make so much money with parts of my videos. If you would take the time to take a look for a second you would admit they’re thieves.

But Youtube doesn’t do anything because they get a cut from the advertisement money plus through the YOUTUBE RED subscriber program. It makes me so sick! The video farmers easily generate millions of views for a video. Of course they do, they take the best parts of others. Of course they’re being watched and shared.

These are the three most stolen videos of mine:

I spend hours to find my videos and to report if I find stolen ones. And yes, there is Youtube’s Content ID but so far I haven’t managed to get accepted. This would make my life so much easier and I would get the advertisement money if someone steals my footage.

So what can you do after your copyright claim has been countered?

Well, the one and only way to fight back is by bringing down these channels? How?

Recently these two channels gave me the biggest headache using my videos.

With my method I was able to have the first channel being shut down. The second one deleted all of his hundreds of videos. The only ones you can see right now are my videos which have been made available again to his account since I didn’t bring Youtube a court order. I filed claims again with Youtube. So let’s see what happens.


this is what I do when these channels don’t delete my videos or file a counter against my rightfully claimed copyright. I go through their videos and find the original video and inform the content creator that someone else is using their footage to make money. They then file a copyright claim. If these thieves collect too many copyright claims Youtube finally shuts them down. This what happend with the first channel I linked to. They loose everything. All their subscribers and the time they wasted to upload the compilations. All gone Woahahhaha!

I wish there would be a better video platform where small creators can monetize videos and where the platform is actually on their site.

I pleaded to PewDiePie to open one!

Update #1

I now started to file take downs with this DMCA DIY Toolkit. Let’s see how that works out.

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