When I got my UV Tattoo


We received an email from on our our readers who to an UV Tattoo. Which is barely visible at brought daylight but the moment you step into a place with black-light, the tattoo comes to live. A sneaky way to get inked without people seeing it that easily. Admire the tattoo and read all about the UV Tattoo experience right below.

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Scared Tattoo

UV Tattoo Experience

OK I’ll try and keep this story fairly short, I’ve been into tattoos since I was a teenager, got my first one on my 18 th birthday. I haven’t stopped pretty much since then, the intervals between getting tattooed became shorter and shorter and I’m not on a monthly basis working on a Japanese style body suit.

I heard a few times about UV tattoos and saw quiet a few pictures on, http://www.bmezine.com/ I asked my tattoo artist about it, he said he’s heard about it and new one of his regulars had gotten one done somewhere but wasn’t sure exactly where. So I thought hell the Internet is one of the best sources to get information. A simple search on UV tattoo ink pretty much found me a seller from America that supplied UV tattoo ink that they claim is USFDA approved.

I ordered some ink and waited about six weeks due to back orders and shipping from America to Australia. I took the ink down to my tattoo artist and said we gotta give it a shot, during the time I was waiting for the UV ink to arrive I got myself a small Ultraviolet torch which would assist in the tattooing procedure.

First place we put the ink into was the circle on a kois head on my arm that wasn’t tattooed, no dramas feels like a normal tattoo but it just glows under UV light. After 2 weeks which is standard healing time for a tattoo it didn’t look like there was anything in that spot but it still glowed, cool! So the other tattoo artist that works at the same place got a deamon done on his hand, I quite liked it and got keen on doing something on my hand, but I wanted to wait and see how it healed up and if there was a lot of scaring.

After about 2 months you could hardly see a scar on his hand only if you really look closely at it, quite cool. So after a while I got itchy for another UV tattoo amonst my regular work, so I found a picture I liked of a Koi and got it done on my right hand and it goes up around my wrist. After it all healed up looks great a scar is visible though, and to this day it is still fairly visible unlike the other tattooist it can barely be seen.

Every persons skin is different and will give slightly different results. I’m happy with my UV tattoo and it doesn’t bother me that a scar can be seen, but I was strongly suggest that you really think about any tattoo whethere it be in normal coloured ink or UV ink that its something you really want and in a spot on your body that you are happy with, its YOUR choice.

I haven’t had any bad skin reactions or swelling or sickness that I would say that the UV ink would be the cause. Its been about 6 months and it still glows nicely, I also got myself a small LED UV keyring to show people, its quite a good party trick a lot of people are amazed and straight away want one!

So if you really want a UV tattoo talk to a tattooist and ask some questions, not all places have used or advertise about UV ink so don’t be disappointed if you can’t find anyone that has the ink just jump online and buy some and take it in to your tattooist, please remember you require a Ultraviolet light to get this ink put into your skin. I hope this brings some more light on UV tattoos.

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