Sing me The Cup Cake Song

Cup Cake Song

You might have noticed that I cleaned up Random Good Stuff articles. And re-publish older posts. So when I came across the Cup Cake Song which is actually called Cuppy Cake Song I thought I have to get this article up again and update it.

RGS was one of the first sites to pick up the Cup Cake Song. Back then I thought he’s actually singing it but he’s just lip syncing it. And he’s much older in the video than I thought. He was actually 9 years old back then. And he actually became a sensation. He was even on Tyra Banks, back then that was a big deal.

No idea what I’m talking about? Here’s the original video from 2008:

What Happend To The Boy From The Cuppy Cake Song?

Now he’s 16 years old and I just found this video about him. He was in a live threatening ATV crash. But he’s ok now:

Forget Juju on that Beat … make that little kid famous again!

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