Cute Animal Magnetic Bookmarks

Cute Animal

This is the cutest thing – I like the cat, doggy and cow the best. But any cute animal bookmarks are good bookmarks.

Don’t overthink this one. If you know someone who loves to read and goes bananas over cute stuff, then buy them these Magnetic Animal Bookmarks. They’ll love ’em!

Each bookmark is folded origami-style and features two small magnets to keep it securely in place.
The set includes one of each of the following animals: duck, dog, cat, cow, and pig.

Cute Animal Magnetic Bookmarks

In Germany we call if someone folds over the upper corner of a books as a mark donkey ear, so I was kind of disappointed when they didn’t have a donkey bookmark.

Buy them here: Cute Animal Magnetic Bookmarks

Cute Animal Bookmark

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