The $105,000 Piano – In Three Colors – Maybe Most Expensive Grand Piano


This is maybe the most expensive grand piano ever! What would they be able to add to make it even more expensive? Make it out of solid gold? Vibrating piano seat? Or pair it with the same color Ferrari?

Now, how that person to drop 100k on a piano? It’s definitely not me or even you. Even if you would have the money to drop it for this red beast. Let me tell you one thing. As far as I understood this most expensive piano doesn’t even have strings. Which makes is a designer keyboard?

Maybe Most Expensive Piano Info:

This piano greets players with 88 Ivoplast and ebony keys to provide the same balanced hammer action as a concert grand, while beneath its dorsal fin-like lid, a world-leading 500-tone Roland audio processor suffuses each note with realistic acoustic character and nuance that only the truly perspicacious performer can discern is digitally modeled.

Five built-in speakers that make up its 200-watt audio system work in concert with a passive membrane built into the piano’s bottom that amplifies low-frequency sounds to replicate the sonorous silhouette of a wooden resonance board.

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