Strange Restaurant Names – For Example: Burger and Cake

Strange Restaurant Names

We’ve been traveling now for over 5 years and we come back to our chosen hometown Valencia once or twice a year but recently we noticed all these strange restaurant names. It’s always two words, preferable a Spanish word and then an English word. It’s awful. All these new restaurants are doing it now here. And we can’t escape them.

Every time we see a restaurant with a combo name like this we know to never go there.

Strange Restaurant Names Galore

Here are some examples (some restaurants just have those as by lines)

  • Gin And Coffee
  • Coffee And Friends
  • Beer And Travel
  • Cafe And Tapas
  • Vino And Sushi
  • Candy And Crack
  • Paella And Gin
  • Sushi and Tapas
  • Sadly I didn’t write all the these annoying names down, so I invented couple of them. But I will take note of some more and update the post.

    What is the strangest restaurant name you ever encountered? Leave a comment.


    Did you ever wonder why there are so many restaurants called “The Secret” or “El Secreto”?, well it’s because of this silly book. People think they can just open a restaurant and be successful only by believing that they’re going to have success. There is a constant wave of closing and new openings of restaurants called “El Secreto” in Valencia.

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