Some Optical Illusions In Case You’re Bored

Optical Illusion

Here we go again, one of those posts. This article falls into the same category like the Don’t Watch This Video High post from couple of days ago. But who doesn’t like a good optical illusion once in a while? We love it so much that we dropped all inhibitions and made fools out of us at the Trick Eye Museum in Busan. At first I was like I’m not going to pose doing silly things, EVER! Next moment I know I’m was totally getting into it.

Optical Illusions or Weak Brain?

What is it that our brains can get to so easily tricked? But it was so hard to get these magic eye 3D images from this book working. This was such a 90ies thing to do. But once you figured it out you could get all the other images working.

Click on one of the images to open the gallery:

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