Give The Gift Of Hate

2016 pans out to be a very interesting year. Everything seems upside so why not for this year instead of giving the gift of love, why not give the gift of hate. Hate is a pretty strong word but no worries, hate and love are such a similar emotion. So love is just not cutting it right now it seems. So why not take a look at the these lovely presents below and ruin the season for couple of people.

Give The Gift Of Hate Gift Ideas

Hand Puppet Dish Gloves

Give The Gift Of Hate

They also can be used to provide puppet shows for the gifts. Buy them here: Dish Puppet Gloves

Recorder To Calm The Nerves Of Stressed Parents


This is the perfect gift to bring kids of stressed parents: Cheap Recoder

Crafting With Cat Hair

Crafting With Cat Hair

Just a subtle hint for your roommate that the cat is loosing too much hair. More info: Crafting With Cat Hair Book

Quicken WillMaker Plus 2016

Will Maker

The subtle hint that it’s time to go: Will Maker

The Party Snowman Tie

Snow Man Tie

Yes, everyone is going to wear this tie to the office Christmas Part.

Justin Bieber Shower Curtain

Justin Bieber

Or instead of giving the gift of hate, give the gift of Justin Bieber.

Emoji Bracelet

Emoji Bracelet
Wow, this is the latest trend al your loved ones have to follow: Emoji Bracelet

Ivanka Trump Dress

Invanka Trump dress

Of course you buy this Ivanka Trump Dress 3 sizes too small.

Fly Christmas Suit

Christmas Suit

OMG this suit is so festive, I think I have to puke: Full Christmas Suit

Break Up Via A Cellphone Ornament

Phone Ornament

There is no better way to break up with your family via a cellphone ornament with a personal message.

Instant Super Power Wig

Donald Trump Wig

Wear this wig and feel the instant personality change. Oh, you’re looking so smart, so powerful.

Candy Candy Underwear Stud

Candy Cane Underwear

Yes, I bought you these undies because I know you’re able to fill them out … NOT!

And if you’re looking for some other crappy interesting gifts, check out Lastminute Auction. Thousands of 1 Dollar items!

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