Unique Japanese Samurai Scissors

Samurai Scissors

You just never know when you have to defend your honor, it could be right when you’re working on a paper craft project and then it happens. Someone insults you – no Samurai sword around? But luckily you got your Japanese Samurai Scissors and the the honor of your family has been can be defended. You succeed! Now you can go back to whatever you were cutting or working on. I also love that you have a place for the scissor to stick into, to prevent accidents and it looks extremely cool on top of it.

From the product page:

The sword of the samurai, the symbol of Japan and its legendary warrior caste that has inspired thousands of movie-goers and would-be martial artists, and is still one of the most coveted souvenirs on a visit to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Buy it here: Japanese Samurai Scissors

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