Tag: kids

  • Giant Illuminated Light Peg Board

    Maybe nothing for a kids room but I can totally see this giant illuminated light peg board to be used in a cool start-up office or at a conference or convention (@steemfest). Or inside of a shop window display for advertisement. Or for therapy work to build a feeling of community within a group, accomplishing […]

  • That Happiness Boy

    OMG – poor little kid you’ll feel so unhappy seeing this online, when you’re older. It will turn the happy penis to an unhappy penis. This very short clip is just too funny and cute and what are the chances that he can’t pronounce this word, turning it into something totally different. Imagine the parents […]

  • Huge Flight Dragon – So Cool

    Be the king at the beach with the this 10 foot dragon kite. It’s huge and will draw so much attention just, please, promise me that you’re not attaching small dogs like a chihuahua to this kite. That poor pooch will get otherwise the ride of its life. And NO! Don’t even thing about a […]

  • The Next Trend After Making Slime: Making Aerogel

    I have to admit that the whole Slime Making phenomenon was puzzling but at the same time fascinating, I kind of loved watching these videos but I was never tempted to make my own. One of the ingredients is BORAX, so emm no. I let the kids handle it and do all the work. So […]

  • Ride With Me – Lego Wooden Roller Coaster

    Of course you could never ever built anything this cool with wooden blocks but Lego has become popular I almost think it might become an issue considering raw oil and producing nondecomposable trash. They should think of offering a recycling model or some sort. Of course you can re-use these blocks over and over again […]