Giant Illuminated Light Peg Board

Giant Light Peg

Maybe nothing for a kids room but I can totally see this giant illuminated light peg board to be used in a cool start-up office or at a conference or convention (@steemfest). Or inside of a shop window display for advertisement. Or for therapy work to build a feeling of community within a group, accomplishing something together.

From the product page:

An illuminated peg board constructed from high-density polyethylene mounts to a wall and provides a blank “canvas” that awaits creativity. Each acrylic light peg slides easily in or out of the holes in the mural, enabling hundreds of custom combinations and designs. At 4″-long with a 1″ diameter, each peg is about the size of a lipstick tube and is flame-polished to ensure a safe and smooth edge.

Buy it here: Giant Illuminated Light Peg Board

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