Tag: Weird

  • Strangest iPhone Case: The Spray Bottle

    This must be the strangest iPhone Case ever, a case in a form of a spray bottle. The question is why would anyone want to dress up their iPhones in a spray bottle? But apparently there is a market for it, otherwise they would not produce this kind of case. I took a closer look […]

  • Crazy Cat? Tin Foil Hat!

    Is your cat crazy and insane? Are you assuming that your cat is communicating with aliens? Then you should wear one of those tin foil hats as well, seriously. You and and your cat will be wearing tin foil hats in partner look and yes I do encourage you to take your leashed up cat […]

  • Just Trying To Help Selling Candy

    It’s either the one of the worst things I’ve ever seen on the internet or the most genius reverse effects candy marketing campaign. Trale Lewous just wants to help to see candy by making his own commercial which includes Butterfinger and Twizzlers. But then comes the rather upsetting letter from them Twizzlers – so everything […]

  • New Fetish: Cutting Sand ASMR

    With a lot of fantasy I could MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYBE imagine that cutting cheese would be some kind of fetish to some (please take my word, I’m not into that) but cutting sand? And people watch these kind of videos by the Millions? But I have to admit, after watching couple of these videos, I’m totally fixated […]

  • HellRaiser Black Balloon Performance Art

    Please, please, please! Don’t ask me what’s going on in this video. How did this guy end up in box, wearing a Hellraiser facial mask, blowing away black balloons but eventually failing to keep them away from him. And then of course they pop, right in front of his face. Is it a fetish? Doubtful […]

  • The One And Only Coffee Smell Alarm Clock

    There is something with mornings and the smell of coffee. Just the scent of it wakes you right up. This probably was the though of the makers of the first one and only coffee scent alarm clock. Instead of an alarm sound the smell of coffee will awaken you from your slumber. You can also […]

  • And This Is How A Giant Sea Cucumber Poops

    Hope you weren’t eating anything! If you did, I’m sorry! Not sure why this video got my attention, was it the giant cucumber or the pooping part? Probably because of both. I’m tell you, I don’t care at all how this or that animal poops, except for an Ostrich (don’t google it, just don’t), but […]

  • Ripple Rocker – Never Seen Before

    Have you ever seen a rocket do anything like this before? It’s a NASA rocket breaking the sound barrier / going super sonic while going through an ice crystal field. This is when science, humans and nature come together to create something beautiful. But it also shows what impact and responsibilities we have as humans […]

  • How To Detect Stinky Armpits

    I would say the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to detect if you have stinky armpits is by lifting up your arm to take a sniff off the armpit in question. Voila, if it stinks you got stinky armpits. But Japanese of course would never sniff armpits in public, so they have a detector for […]