Crazy Cat? Tin Foil Hat!

Tin Foil Hats For Cats

Is your cat crazy and insane? Are you assuming that your cat is communicating with aliens? Then you should wear one of those tin foil hats as well, seriously. You and and your cat will be wearing tin foil hats in partner look and yes I do encourage you to take your leashed up cat out to the park for a walk – both wearing your beautiful sparkly hat.

From the the product page:

It’s a tin foil hat for conspiracy cats! They want to know what your cat is thinking. They want to control your cat’s thoughts. Not on our watch! We’ve made a Tin Foil Hat for Cats to make sure that kitty’s thoughts stay private. This Mylar hat fits most cats, has a comfy felt lining and is held in place with an elastic strap.

Buy it here: Tin Foil Hat For Cats

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