List of weird phobias

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First off. Phobias are no laughing matter if you got some. I have listed couple of odd ones. Some of my readers added some other things they are afraid of. So feel free to add yours too.

I think the first step to overcomecome your phobias is to admit them and the be able to talk about. Maybe this thread helps you a little. Seeing that other people being afraid of odd things might help too.

Also, check out this book in case you are interested in overcoming your fears:

Understanding And Beating Your Fears

Beat Phobia

Available in: UK, US, Germany (Bücher Sammlung zum Thema Angst)

I am such a Euphobia! Are you on the list?

Pteronophobia- Fear of being tickled by feathers.
Pediophobia- Fear of dolls
Rectophobia- Fear of rectum or rectal diseases.
Russophobia- Fear of Russians
Sinophobia- Fear of Chinese, Chinese culture.
Zemmiphobia- Fear of the great mole rat.
Consecotaleophobia- Fear of chopsticks.
Dendrophobia- Fear of trees.
Dextrophobia- Fear of objects at the right side of the body.
Eleutherophobia- Fear of freedom.
Epistemophobia- Fear of knowledge
Ereuthrophobia- Fear of blushing.
Euphobia- Fear of hearing good news.
Eurotophobia- Fear of female genitalia
Genuphobia- Fear of knees
Geliophobia- Fear of laughter.
Graphophobia- Fear of writing or handwriting.
Geumaphobia or Geumophobia- Fear of taste
Helminthophobia- Fear of being infested with worms.
Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia- Fear of long words.
Hobophobia- Fear of bums or beggars
Hylophobia- Fear of forests.
Ithyphallophobia- Fear of seeing, thinking about or having an erect penis
Japanophobia- Fear of Japanese.
Judeophobia- Fear of Jews.
Koinoniphobia- Fear of rooms
Leprophobia or Lepraphobia- Fear of leprosy.
Leukophobia- Fear of the color white.
Levophobia- Fear of things to the left side of the body.
Linonophobia- Fear of string
Logophobia- Fear of words
Lutraphobia- Fear of otters.
Melophobia- Fear of music
Nosocomephobia- Fear of hospitals.
Oneirogmophobia- Fear of wet dreams.
Panophobia or Pantophobia- Fear of everything
Papaphobia- Fear of the Pope

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Posted by RGS   @   20 April 2007 450 comments
Apr 20, 2007
2:47 pm

quite a varied list. If I got to pick which phobia I have (yes, it’s a silly notion), it’d be Lutraphobia. I don’t think I’ve seen a single otter in person. Perhaps I do have Lutraphobia and I just don’t know it.

Apr 20, 2007
4:14 pm
#2 Robert :

You forgot one:
Arachibutyrophobia- Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth.


Apr 20, 2007
6:09 pm
#3 Quintius :

aibohphobia – The fear of palindromes.

Personal neologism:
acronicalophobia – The fear of Issac Asimov (Gk. akronychos; sunset/nightfall)

Apr 20, 2007
6:50 pm
#4 Rafa :

Papaphobia, Pediophobia and Nosocomephibia, right here.
I’m quite weird.

Apr 20, 2007
9:02 pm
#5 T4td :

I couldn’t read this, I’ve got a fear of lists.

Apr 20, 2007
9:46 pm
#6 RGS :

T4td .. lol

May 4, 2007
5:32 pm
#7 kevin :

this was awesome

May 4, 2007
5:38 pm
#8 kevin :

im scared of constopation

May 4, 2007
5:41 pm
#9 Ed :

i am scared of everything

May 4, 2007
5:45 pm
#10 Ed :

ARGH ARGH I am a Pirate

May 4, 2007
5:47 pm
#11 Ed :


May 20, 2007
8:30 pm
#12 Miss.Lu.El :

We have a fear of spectacles!! spectaphobia!! Lu= Even though i wear glasses i actually find them really scary!! and El= i jus can’t stand them!!!
Lol only jokin we have Ithyphallophobia- Fear of seeing, thinking about or having an erect penis!!
Ha Ha only joking again!!!
OK being serious now we find it anoying when peanut butter get’s stuck to the roof of our mouths!!!!! SERIOUSLY WE DO!!!

May 22, 2007
1:50 am
#13 John :

Jangelaphobia- Fear of jello

Jul 4, 2007
4:37 am
#14 Lozness :

What would a phobia of Pool Creepers be called? lol

Aug 2, 2007
12:26 am
#15 Cassy :

OH MY GOD! im not the only one tht has a fear of jello! omg.. i hate it… its sooooo scarry! i fear it with my life. :[ all my friends make fun of me and when we go out to eat together they all get it and fling it at me! hahaha

Oct 9, 2007
9:23 pm
#16 pwm :

Coprastasophobia- fear of being constipated
Coprophobia- fear of poop
Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia- fear of the number 666

Oct 15, 2007
2:14 pm
#17 pants :

is there a name for the fear of seeing dudes wiv lipstick on?

or even weirder a fear of people wearing sunglasses upside down!! haha

yea it shits me up!!!

Oct 22, 2007
12:30 am
#18 erin :

i have a fear of jello too
dont worry

Nov 19, 2007
3:11 am
#19 Lissi :

iz there a fear of eatin oysters?
really kinda weird…but i do..
i also have a couple other phobias that aren’t on this list…im a lil freak…lol

Nov 20, 2007
1:17 am
#20 Amanda :

Another person who hates jello !!

Nov 21, 2007
6:54 pm
#21 Rikki :

Cassie and Amanda, y’all aren’t the only ones! I don’t fear ALL jello, just jello squares…stems from a horrible dream when I was 4!

Nov 26, 2007
9:12 am
#22 DanielleNicole :

Here’s another strange one… I actually have it myself…

Molluscophobia – Fear of slugs and snails.

I dont mind snails so much, maybe it’s because they hide in their shells and you can’t see them anymore… But slugs REALLY freak me out.

Nov 29, 2007
3:46 pm
#23 katie :

What is it called when you have a fear of having a heart attack??

Dec 6, 2007
11:33 pm
#24 brooke :

my fears-
the color blue
peanut butter stuck to the roof of my mouth
and the pope

Dec 9, 2007
3:05 am
#25 e.beth :

i have a fear of raw meat. i live by myself and it limits my cooking abilities! on a good day i can handle it very quickly (straight from the package to the pot, pan, or whatever) as long as i have on rubber gloves or plastic bags over my hands.
and to go to a restaurant and order a steak ‘well done’ with ‘no pink what-so-ever’ doesn’t work very often. i always have to send it back or its burnt to a crisp!

Dec 23, 2007
9:54 am
#26 jon doe :

philiophobia- fear of humping or getting humpped.

i have that

Jan 12, 2008
7:19 am
#27 liz :

I am afraid of Taxidermy animals. My fear started when I was very young, and escalated until I was in my mid teens. Even now I still get nervous around them. Especially if the room is small and if they are really big.

Jan 12, 2008
8:03 pm
#28 Mariah :

Im afraid of seaweed.
Like terribly.

I freak out whenever i see it.

Jan 21, 2008
2:46 am
#29 Kate :

Well I have Laridaphobia [fear of seagulls]
I can’t stand them, mostly because at my cities beach they are used to humans and they swoop at you to try to get get food, whenever i see one i start shaking.

I also have acrophobia which is the fear of heights
But it’s not so much heights, but small ledges up high and the thought of being pushed of it

i also have a fear of talking on phones, i don’t know what that’s called but

Jan 26, 2008
6:22 pm
#30 lots_of_phobias=[ :

well i have the fear of:
being ridiculed
small spaces
speaking in public
gaining weight
slugs and snails
the color purple
raw meat
2 dollar bills
on top of all that i have OCD
well yea

Jan 30, 2008
3:42 am
#31 Mariah :

I have:

Acrophobia: Fear of heights.

Gerascophobia: Fear of growing old.

And the fear of Seaweed.

I have this like OCD thing with volume,
on a Tv or a Ipod. Its weird.

Feb 4, 2008
7:33 pm
#32 christina :

i am scared to poop alone, i have to have someone in the bathroom with me while i poop. if there is no one there then i have to be on the phone talking to someone and if i am at school then i leave the stall door open.

Feb 7, 2008
8:21 pm
#33 Nicola :

Whats the Phobia for Grapes? I really need to know because we were playing Sccatagories and the phbia question came up and it was ‘G’ and I said Grapes. Please Help!

Feb 8, 2008
10:27 pm
#34 Mariah :

If anyone knows the technical name-
For being scared of seaweed.
Can someone please tell.

Feb 24, 2008
1:27 am
#35 jessica :

i have a HUGE fear of snails. and slugs too.
i don’t know exactly why, but it has a lot to do with their “slimy-ness.”
snails more than anything. i can’t be near one, or i get major anxiety attacks and freak out.
it also has to do with my fear of insects/animals with SHELLS. for example, crabs, lobsters, turtles, snails, cockroaches.

what would you call a fear of shells?
(not the kind you find in the sand.)

Feb 28, 2008
2:16 pm
#36 josh :

was wondering what the fear of bubbles was called any one know

Mar 4, 2008
4:00 pm
#37 Sarah :

i thought i was wierd for having loadsa phobias .. now i know im not yay! im scared of the dark, clowns, ventriloquist dummies, pot dolls, feet, closed in spaces, lifts, failing, heights, crossing the road, being out by myself, heights, spiders, my food touching each other on the plate, erm …. being attacked and alot more … lol i have panophobia… fear of everything lol x

Mar 5, 2008
1:44 am
#38 madison :

fear of metal utencils?
anyone know?

Mar 7, 2008
7:27 pm
#39 Ashley :

I have pernoctation, which is a fear of pigeons.
I hate them so much, that whenever I see them walking infront of me, cutting across my path, I freak out and run the opposite direction.
When I was younger, I was attacked by many pigeons and I have the scars to prove it.

Has there been a diagnosis of a phobia of a meat slicer? My friend is traumatized by them.

thannnks bffls,
Love, Ashley.

Mar 18, 2008
5:38 pm
#40 Woo Woo00 :

OMG I’m not the only one scared of snails!


Mar 24, 2008
9:07 am
#41 Alice :

I am TERRIFIED of slugs. I will not go out at night in the summer in fear of seeing a slug.

I am also scared of pancakes. I’m scared it’ll expand like a sponge in my throat and I won’t be able to breath

Mar 24, 2008
8:03 pm
#42 kirsten :

i have a phobia of the ‘men in white coats’ i cant stand them, the thought makes me cringe. aw n spiders a real problem to, n small spaces are a no no

Mar 24, 2008
8:09 pm
#43 Viki :

I have a lot of phobias, I’m scared of needles/injections (really badly), spiders, small spaces, fast cars, hospitals, clowns, ventriloquist dummies, puppets, some materials (like velvet), heights, cameras (especially flash cameras), tall building, bridges and open areas above ground level, the sea, water, dentists, masks, face masks (like on gas bottles at hospital), being unconscious, being hypnotized, some disabled people, mentally ill people, mental doctors/psychiatrists, talking in public, stammering, being wrong, being told I’m stupid/unintelligent, gaining weight and being paralyzed… think thats about all.

Mar 26, 2008
1:50 pm
#44 britney :

So far ive only seen one other person who has a fear of feet!!! lol im looking for the technical name for the phobia of feet and i cant find it!!!!! AS IF NO ONE IS SCARED OF FEET!! the are so gross! =]

Mar 26, 2008
3:01 pm
#45 terri :

omg how can you be afraid of knees that just a little awkward dont ya think!!! but it is kinda funny i would like to meet someone like that

Mar 28, 2008
7:13 pm
#46 vicky :

some of those fear are random. but i HATE other people’s feet they just creep me out. that and being poopped on by a bird.:/

Mar 31, 2008
8:22 pm
#47 agatha :

i would have to say i have Eurotophobia- Fear of female genitalia because i just find them nasty

Apr 16, 2008
12:46 am
#48 grace :

i have a fear of being on hardwood floor in socks. and i am deathly scared of hands

May 2, 2008
4:07 pm
#49 jackie :

i love the fact that im not the only one thats extremely afraid of jello…
it scares me so much i cry some times…or have a panic attack if someone tries touching me with it…

its bad…but its amazing to kno im not the only one…lol

ppl are just jealous bc we’re the coolest

May 6, 2008
7:33 pm
#50 Nikki :

well lets see.
i fear:
getting stabbed.
getting stabbed by a hobo.
the word Antidisestablishmentarianism.
peanut butter stuck to the roof of my mouth.
red jello.
the little liniee on my sock under my toes [[i freak out]]
people behind me [[ im paranoid]]
internet stalkers.
and some black people =]

thats kindaaa …. i think i should get this checked out
off to see the doc..
or to a sikeee ward
or somewhere
lol i cant go no wheres now tho
i tis be at school
=] byeeeeee <3333

May 25, 2008
9:06 pm
#51 A :

I have a fear of hairdressers.

May 29, 2008
9:15 pm
#52 rachel :

i have a fear of wrists. no one can touch mine and i cant touch other people’s. and i cant stand to even watch them touch thier own.
cutting/scratching/ anything like that on a wrist i will faint.
whenever someone talks about them i cover mine and protect them i keep doing it now that im trying to type about them
i also have a fear of veins they scare me terribly i find them so gross and sickening ahh ugh i get the chills thinking about them.
my last fear is getting shots into your veins. in the inside of your elbow scares me the most. it scares me terribly i will NEVER let anyone do that to me but on the other hand its kinda good cause i will never inject drugs into myself lol

Jun 2, 2008
5:51 am
#53 leticia :

i have a fear of bubbles. it started when my friend burned his arm and then his skin bubbled up. Oh the horror!

Jun 3, 2008
9:03 am
#54 Mugugey :

I hate slugs too! I love snails though, I think its ‘cos slugs are all exposed and the slimyness can touch you (if that makes sense?).
Also I hate other peoples ‘stuff’ like clothes or shoes or especially things like ‘bathroom stuff'(toothbrushes, hairbrushes, girly products etc).
And wet dishcloths, they are disgusting!
And anything to do with injuring hands, like kids getting their fingers caught in car doors, or nails falling off but that fear is legitimate ‘cos I caught my thumb between a concrete wall I was knocking down and the sledgehammer I was using to knock it down. My nail had to be removed and my thumb got infected and now(7years later) it still doesnt bend properly!

Umm and last thing: fast cars or people messing about in cars(driving silly, swerving for no reason, etc). Again I feel this is legitimate as I was in a car accident a few years back and still have flashbacks and nightmares.

God I’m a right bundle of neuroses aren’t I?!?!

Jun 7, 2008
8:41 pm
#55 Brittney :

OMG! I am not the only one afriad of Jello! It warms my heart that other people afraid of jello were kind enough to share there thoughts! Jello terrifies me so! I will freak TOTALLY FREAK if you even give me the recipe for jello! It horrifies me that the monster even exists! I have no real reason for being afraid of it, but man, is it scary! I run fevers when people touch me with it, and I can hardly breathe when when I hear it spoken. Anyone else afraid of jello? Email me and we can talk!

Jun 12, 2008
7:25 am
#56 Maury :

I’m afraid of balloons. Seriously, no one believes me and they chase me with them and sometimes it gets so bad I cry. Usually I’ll just get tense and cover my ears when I’m around them. I think it’s mostly the anticipation of them popping. I’m not afraid of deflated ones, and if I hold the balloons it’s ok because I know they won’t pop. Weird…and fear of balloons is not on any of the phobia list sites. 🙁

Jun 19, 2008
11:41 pm
#57 Nancy :

I have a phobia of throwing up (ugh, i’m shuddering just thinking about it), but it’s not on the list, yet, then again, it is fairly common (sadly)

Jun 20, 2008
5:50 am
#58 Marie Sue :

yep yep…..I have a fear of me or anybody else touching the inside of my wrists or the inside of my elbows. I’m trembling now just typing about it!! My head on the inside is feeling like I am hearing fingernails being scratched on a blackboard…another thing that makes me cringe and want to run!

other phobias–
my ex-husband kidnapping my daughter
my ex-husband killing me and my daughter and my parents
but I do have good reasons for the last two…although my fear can get out of control and become overwhelming so easily
okay..moving along
fear of never being married again
big birds like cockatoos and cockateels
loud sudden noises
crowds-at times
grocery stores at times I feel the roof WILL fall in on me
the color red used alot in a store –I will have a panic attack and have to leave
fear of if I do ever get married again…he will be violently abusive to my daughter and myself

yes..i am in counseling 🙂 yes ..i do take medication 🙂
yes..i am trying so hard to get him put in jail for violently sexually assaulting my daughter for over 5 years on visitation… the wheels of justice are broken..but yes God WILL punish him

ok…that’s all

xxxooo 🙂 to all of you with phobias i am praying for all of you

Jun 24, 2008
1:32 pm
#59 emily may :

i have a phobia of getting stabbbed
i never knew anyone else had it.
i wonder what the real name for it is?
does anyone know?

Jul 11, 2008
2:15 am
#60 kellie :

the fear that somehow,
a duck is
watching you.

Jul 14, 2008
2:09 am
#61 Starchaser666 :

I hate seaweed,
THANK GOD I’m not the only one though,

Sorry to anyone whos afraid of the number 666,
Kinda in my name ;D


Jul 19, 2008
5:50 pm
#62 allen :

I have a fear of easy pop top aluminum cans. Is there a name for this?

Jul 21, 2008
9:21 pm
#63 benny :

am really afraid of getting drunk! do you guys have one consise word for this phobia? hope you wont say it’s DRUNKPHOBIA

Jul 27, 2008
5:46 pm
#64 Jasmine :

Yeah, I’m afraid of needles and pulses. I mean, I’m afraid of getting my pulse taken, not them in general. But yeah… my dad is always making fun of me and trying to take my pulse cuz he has to “practice” for school, but he’s just trying to freak me out. But, just wondering, does anyone know the name for the phobia of pulses or blood pressure being taken, cuz I can’t find it anywhere. I think it’s Sphygmophobia, but that’s only cuz I looked up the word for pulse in Greek and added phobia, so I’m not completely sure. Thanks!

Aug 1, 2008
2:02 am
#65 Marie :

I have a fear of odd numbers, although I don’t know the name of it.
This means I must have the TV’s volume on an even number, and only increase it or decrease it by even numbers as well. The same goes for the radio and any other item with numbers which denote volume.

Aug 13, 2008
3:49 am
#66 Painwind :

is there a tech name for being fraid of the sound of two wet plastic pices rubing agenst each other?

Aug 16, 2008
7:03 am
#67 Frankie :

i have a fear of repeating myself, i have a fear of repeating myself, i have a fear of repeating myself, i have a fear of repeating myself haha lol!

Aug 19, 2008
10:41 pm
#68 Dwii :

I’m afraid of pictures being taken of me. And I have Pupaphobia (fear of puppets.) I can’t watch anything dealing with that.And there was this good horror movie too.T,T

Aug 20, 2008
1:23 am
#69 louis :

I have a fear of every single color in the world so i just walk around with my eyes closed.
i also am afraid of America. i fear that if i go outside my house i’ll see it.
what im even more afraid of is people making up fake fears like body parts that EVERY SINGLE HUMAN HAS and random food objects that in no way can harm them. i fear that very much.

also kellie: i got that Far Side reference. nice.

Aug 25, 2008
3:33 am
#70 Tina :

I have a fear of buildings falling down while I’m in them. The fear normally starts while I’m in the passanger seat of a car and for some reason I start thinking that there is too much weight on the floor in my apartment or any building and the floor will collapse and I start freaking out or the building I work in will collapse while I’m in it. Once I get inside I’m totally fine and the phobia goes away. Once there were way too many people in a club and all I could think about was that it’s too much weight and the floor will collapse right under us. I hate it and I wish I knew what it was called…if there even is a name for it.

Aug 31, 2008
11:44 pm
#71 Julia :

I have a fear of all the bubbles being the same size and in rows like the hexagons in beeswax. When this happens and I’m wshing the dishes I have to fluff it up until it’s gone. Anyone know what that’s called?

Sep 7, 2008
2:21 pm
#72 Rachael :

I’m deathly afraid of astronauts.
I don’t know why.
I freak out really bad, if i see a picture of one.
Once my friend shoved a picture of an astronaut in my face in class and i started hyperventilating. i always do if i see a picture of one and my eyes start watering and i get a heaviness in my chest like a can’t breathe, and i just really hate them and people breathing loud in my ear.
Anyone know the name for that, or anyone else with that fear?

Sep 13, 2008
4:20 am
#73 liz :

i have catoptrophobia-fear of mirrors.
they scare the living SHIT out of me!

Sep 17, 2008
9:30 am
#74 nikkitoria :

I have a fear of staplers/staples being played with. Is that related to the fear of pins and needles or is it different?

Sep 19, 2008
5:52 pm
#75 Ph33rM3H :

I have Panophobia. I fear Everything! (O_o ) I tend to scare myself..

I’d go to the doctor for a check-up, but the doctor scares me too..

Ah! Computer Screen!

OmGWtF! Mouse AND Keyboard!


*Faints before realizing I have fear of fainting too*

Sep 30, 2008
9:15 pm
#76 Robzehi :

I have a fear of:
Discoloured toenails
Stepping on snails
Glass-faced Dolls
Googley Eyes
Ventriloquist Dummies
Preps *shudder*
CLOWNS *argh*
My food touching on a plate- stew is the worst- this is occasional
Tall Pointy Buildings- like the one in King Kong.. ERK!
Beeping machines in hospitals
Stupid Driving- Swerving, stopping randomly ECT
People standing silently behind me- I get a prickly feeling in my back
Nails on a chalk board or black board
Body Odour- not really.. I just get really really bad headaches
The fear of a higher, omnipotent or allseeing power- God and people watching me from Heaven [if its real]
Things to do with Spiders- Webs and spider eggs
Certain silhouettes- unknown or uncetain things in the distances
Preachers- people forcing things I don’t believe on me, religion and politics mostly
Pushy/ bossy People- people telling me what do
Loads of people Riverdancing/ Linedancing/ Squaredancing.. i think they’re gonna dance on my face
Things borrowing inside me
Mad cow disease
Being stabbed repeatedly
and More
I think I need help

Oct 14, 2008
7:24 am
#77 Amber :

OMG! i cant beleive im not the only one afraid of snails and raw meat.both of them just..ughh..freak me out! ill cry if i get near either.i HATE them and im always being teased for my fears but none of my friends understand how serisous i am.

Oct 14, 2008
7:27 am
#78 Amber :

Im also afraid of feet..I have strange phobias,i know.

Dec 1, 2008
4:10 am
#79 1freakoutchicO.o :

Hmm….I fear common things and just bizarre things xD

Clowns (number 1 fear) I cant watch It or I’ll sob uncontrollably xD
noises in the dark
people staring at me
people standing behind me
breathing on my neck
feeling people’s heartbeats…wtf? I know.
closed spaces
being on the top floor of tall buildings
getting on those little shack thing on tops on mountains…I’m afraid I’ll get blown off of the moutain xD
worms inside and out of me
spiderss! blech.
people being so far away I can only see their silhouettes
shadows xD
forests at night
dark water (lakes freak the hell outta me)
People being posessed by the devil…the Exorcist? yeah. scared the shit outta me.
esclators…not afraid per se, but I’m afraid of missing my step getting off and falling xD
bridges especially ones over water
water currents
sharks basically any sea creature bigger than me other than dolphins
whales basically any
root canals
being trampled
getting stabbed
dying in a fire
getting lost
etc. xD
wow I’m cool

Dec 8, 2008
4:17 pm
#80 Jonny :

wow this is so great because i have a fear to of keyboards and typing i just hate it in fact i havent typed in eighty years and looking to go eighty more

Dec 8, 2008
4:19 pm
#81 Jonny :

i also hate looking at computer skreens in fact i havent looked at a computer screen in seventy years and looking to go seventy more

Dec 8, 2008
4:24 pm
#82 Jonny :

i just hate technology if it was up to me the world would be just nothing old houses, cochet, and rocking chairs but i have to admit something i am also afraid of gay peoople but i am gay in fact when i see man with nut huggers i get a tingly sensation inside my pants/nuts!!! tee hee. Is there sumthing wrong with me?

Dec 9, 2008
11:44 pm
#83 LuLu :

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia- Fear of long words.
Hobophobia- Fear of bums or beggars
Ithyphallophobia- Fear of seeing, thinking about or having an erect penis

Hi im LuLu i have alot of fears
i have even more fears than this
im really scared of Ithyphallophobia (:

Dec 12, 2008
2:12 am
#84 kate :

i have a fear of my nice, clean paper’s being crumpled. yeahi think it’s weird but idk the name for it hah

Jan 7, 2009
8:03 am
#85 shelle :

i have a phobia of
clowns with the glass faces
buttons ( the kind on your shirts )
and cotton wool

Jan 24, 2009
2:50 am
#86 Grace :

does anyone know the technical term for having the fear of repeating circle/hexagon patterns, such as honeycombs?

Jan 31, 2009
2:14 pm
#87 Laura :

omg, i’m so relieved that other people fear Jello =D

my friends taunt me with it, and describe it to me. it’s horrible.

Feb 7, 2009
7:28 am
#88 Britt :

my friend and i have a fear of repeating patterns.
it makes us nauseous.
we can not find the name anywhere!
any help???

Feb 16, 2009
4:29 am
#89 scared and concerned :

i have a fear of my bird eating my best friend. i love my bird…. but he’s vicious to Butcus, thats my friend. i try to keep Butcus away from buddy bird but its like he is addicted to the danger of it.

Feb 18, 2009
7:10 pm
#90 alex :

none of the people with phobias seem to fear sexual abuse but slug, snails and peanut butter on top of the mouth. is definatly on the top of the list. oh and if you are reading this message you have too muchtime on your hands.

Feb 25, 2009
4:33 am
#91 Janelle :

I have a phobia of necks… I can’t touch my own neck, have anything tight around it, and diffiently not have anyone else touch it… I can’t even see someone touch their one neck. I will throw up if they do, or feel extremely ill. God even thinking about it, is making me weird…

Feb 28, 2009
2:05 am
#92 Phobias :

Fear of clowns: The King of All Weird phobias

Does the name Pennywise tell you something? Maybe the chills, maybe some fear, maybe some hatred, or maybe nothing. Imagine that you are alone in your house, it’s getting dark, you can’t see really well. The door bell rings, you go downstairs very slowly, you open the door and… Pow! A big clown face greets you with an annoying/devilish laughter GUFFAW, GUFFAW, GUFFAW!!!Fear of clowns, together with fear of driving and fear of success, is one of the most known weird phobias and fears.

Fear of clowns, or its scientific name coulrophobia, is an extreme fear towards these hated creatures. It isn’t true what they say: clowns are not funny, cute or good-spirited creatures. Well, maybe they are, depending on who is or who is not afraid of clowns. There has always been ambivalence, since people have managed to label clowns into two types. The good, funny one with fear of driving and the evil, sinister one, that kidnaps people and puts them in the trunk of the car to eat them later. Fear of clowns could be toward both of them. However, weird phobias and fears tend to address the evil clown.

Fear of clowns is more common with children; say ages 2 to 7, nonetheless, it can also be found among teenagers and some adults. These weird phobias and fears are caused by two main reasons:

1) Children grow fear of clowns after experiencing a dramatic situation with a clown in person. It may have been at a neighbor’s party, or a cruel prank the child’s father made. This fear is usually carried to the child’s adult life. A similar situation happen with fear of driving, where a traumatic situation makes the brain to retain that episode.

2) After seeing a malefic portrayal of a clown in the movies, television or media in general.

A Social Phobia

There has been a tendency in popular culture to turn the clown persona upside down, providing it with traits of horror. Fear of clowns as part of the weird phobias and fears have been feeding of human terror since the 70’s. Weary Willie the clown created one of the first cases of multiple personality in the body of the Kelly’s dynasty, father and son. On decade later a whole lot of movies started to give a bigger stardom to these Machiavellian characters. Movies like ‘It’ and ‘Killer Klowns From Outer Space’ really created a culture of fear among youngsters. With other generations, evil clown costumes are very popular in Halloween celebrations, town festivals and parties all over.

All these weird phobias and fears, including fear of driving and fear of dentists are easy to treat. Medication and therapy are valuable options, but sometimes psychological assistance is not even necessary. These weird phobias make me think: There has to be something scary about a bunch of people coming out of a tiny car. That might even cause me a new fear of driving.

You can find more info at:

Mar 5, 2009
12:20 pm
#93 bb! :D :

omgggg nice fears 😀

whats the fear of upside down roller coasters or just
upside down in general??


aha im cool im cool

Apr 2, 2009
12:42 am
#94 Guy :

i got that phobia were I’ll FREAK out if i see bubbles aranged in a hexagonal pattern about the same size,
>.< and the bottum of PANCAKES have this but its like 3-D

Apr 4, 2009
1:59 am
#95 Anonymous :

Is there a name for a fear of being fearful or a fear of marmite? lol

Apr 7, 2009
6:11 pm
#96 Amy :

OMG. Just the fact that the fear of long words is Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is kind of messed up.

Apr 9, 2009
6:00 pm
#97 Eric :

I think all phobias are just plain stupid. Ya I understand that people fear things but PEOPLE we only have 1 life to live so you might as well get over it and chillax. Now lets go meet the pope, hang with some clowns, eat some jello and finish it off with intentionally putting peanut butter on the roof of our mouths and go have some fun. lmao

And yes Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is a really messed up name for a fear of long words. lol

Apr 12, 2009
8:16 am
#98 sloane :

anyone know the fear of Stalkers? lol

May 1, 2009
11:05 am
#99 Crave. :

What about the fear of balloons? Dx

May 4, 2009
2:00 am
#100 Marchello :

I have a fear of all of you weird moutherfuckers. How can u guys have fears of so much weird shit. What a bunch of retards? How do use live?

May 8, 2009
7:59 pm
#101 shay :

hope u get 2 see whats it like, it’s not fun MARCHELLO, u idiot

May 9, 2009
6:08 am
#102 Jessica :

i fear snails. and slugs. but mostly snails. i can’t look at them, think of them, walk by one on the ground, be anywhere near one. i get full of anxiety and my whole body tenses up. i get chills and a sick feeling in my stomache. it’s just not normal. and if anyone picks one up and put its near me i FLIP. omg and if i see or hear someone step on one.. oh dear god.. don’t even get me started.. ::chills:: it’s just horrible. i wish they’d all die and get the fuck out of here.

May 10, 2009
7:51 pm
#103 bry :

im deadly afraid of insects,bugs,and spider getting on me if any one of them gets on me i freak out and start running everywhere trying to get it of even though its already off 🙂

May 13, 2009
7:19 am
#104 xxmadxx :

Anyone have a fear to see a gas mask? just the sight of it, not wearing it, and no im no clastrophobic

May 13, 2009
7:26 am
#105 xxmadxx :

Anyone have the fear of the sight of a gas mask?

May 14, 2009
3:59 am
#106 SonyaG :

I fear melted cheese. I had a really bad experience of choking on melted cheese as a child and it scares the **** out of me since. I cringe inwardly when I see it, any food that contains it, like pizza, has to be cut into really small pieces and I still have to steal myself to eat it….

May 14, 2009
6:01 am
#107 ftw :

I have a fear of glass head dolls, would that be considered pediophobia (fear of dolls)?

Oh and I also have a grand fear of my armpits being touched.
If someone is just remotely close to my pits I freak out and I start breathing heavily… and all hell breaks loose if one of my pits actually get touched hahaha I have a freak out break down.

May 15, 2009
7:47 pm
#108 Treece :

I’m terrified of snails and slugs. I start to freak out if I’m anywhere near them, and on time I found one at the bottom of my stairs and almost fainted. Terrible.

People always think that it’s really weird that I’m afraid of a “harmless mollusk.” It might be harmless, but it still makes me cry when someone chases me with one. XD

Balloons freak me out too. I’m always anticipating them to pop, so if there’s a kid squeezing the crap out of a balloon, I’ll just leave the premises.

May 15, 2009
11:22 pm
#109 lera :

1 more arachnophobia – fear of spiders thATS WHAT I HAVE

May 17, 2009
2:30 am
#110 jenna :

i have four fears…

The feeling of a bug crawling somewhere on me when i don’t know it (this one drives me nuts…)

Something being dropped down the back of my shirt…i’ll be calm until somebody like pulls the back collar of my shirt and then i’ll scream “No” or something…haha did that today

Being alone in a room (hate that ugh)

Giving birth. The thought of it freaks me out! it looks so painful when on TV the girl like thrashes around and screams her head off O_o

Jun 5, 2009
4:27 pm
#111 Yasmin :

my fears
hair (Like hair in a sink or a hairbrush)
and to top it off im megarly ocd, cant touch cracks, cant touch the left side of my body without touching the right, voulumes have to be divisible by 5 ie 5,10,15etc and many more that are either to confusing to write or are to embarasing lol

Jun 6, 2009
10:22 am
#112 Erin :

i have a fear of a big dark shadow behind me. i dnt have it all the time but this fear does get me pretty good and causes my back musscles to pull stiff (sounds lame i know). i wanne know if this is really a phobia (what is it called?) or is this possibly a sphycological manefestation of something that might have happened in my past?

Can anyone help?
it would be much appreciated!!

Jun 6, 2009
10:56 am
#113 niicky :

lol>> Ithyphallophobia- Fear of seeing, thinking about or having an erect penis.. that would suk
but who here has a phobia called arachnahomaphobia= a fear of gay spiders which is an actual fear lol haha

Jun 9, 2009
10:48 am
#114 rose callister :

Hi, I work as a researcher for Alley Einstein Ltd, a team of freelance journalists who write real-life stories for some of the UK’s top magazines. I’m currently researching a feature on extreme phobias, so if anyone would like to share their story, please get in touch. We offer excellent fees! Simply email me at and we can discuss the feature in more detail.
Thanks, Rose.

Jun 16, 2009
2:02 pm
#115 Amy Hanna-Robertshaw :

I’m homophobic-phobic. I hate them!!!!!

Oh, and i’m hexakosioihexekontahexaphobic.

And i have a fear of not spelling something right ._o what’s that please?

Jun 20, 2009
9:30 pm
#116 Vamps :

I have quite a few!
im really scared of:
the dark
getting old
being alone
poeple behind me
FEET (if someone touches their foot then i faint)
going through security at the airport
getting pregnant when i dont want to
long roads
crop fields
being embarassed

GAWD! im scared of loads of things.

Jun 26, 2009
2:21 am
#117 Justin :

Seriously? No one else is afraid of scarecrows? Formidophobia. Indeed. I also have a fear of Michael Jackson but he’s dead now so no worries. 🙂

Jul 15, 2009
6:52 am
#118 WellHaii :

I am absolutely TERRIFIED of cling wrap, and bare feet.

Jul 20, 2009
12:13 am
#119 ami :

i have pediophobia. and the fear of spiders. (i dont know how to spell the word)

Jul 20, 2009
3:20 pm
#120 Rohan :

I have n phobias at all, except for the coco pops advert with the bowl of milk that a smily face suddenyl appears in and creepy kids voices are singing the theme tune. Now that gives me the shivers.

Jul 24, 2009
4:00 pm
#121 Meganne :

I have a phobia of ravaoli.
=/ x

Jul 28, 2009
10:54 am
#122 Lucy :

I hate, hate, HATE snails and slugs. They are disgusting. When I was in year 4 someone put some in my lunchbox! I totally freaked!

Jul 29, 2009
2:17 pm
#123 Chris :

I have a fear of hole in things like when i squeeze the toothpaste and it bubbles i cant look at it…

I also have a fear of stickers being peeled off things…sad.

Aug 2, 2009
9:33 pm
#124 Rocky :

Mold, and thunder. that’s pretty much it. I can handle anything else.

Aug 4, 2009
5:45 am
#125 xXCookieXx :

i have the faer of:
cewkies( thier just discusting)
gaiy people
speelling thnigs rong
durst bunnies
pine cones
pikture frammes
gllass obgekts
movers in genral(i mean skeriosly freaky chicks O.O)
toenails(i have none)( i took them off)
bludy earlobes
masterbstion wif carrots
faer of giong to bed at midnight
der nobs
carpeet likers
ocd pple(they gots isues)
blues eyes
the colour beavr
dust remover
canned air
dog leashes
pocket lint
belly buttons
long lists of phobias
… thats all i thnik

Aug 4, 2009
5:12 pm
#126 Thomas Silva :

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia, thats just cruel! imagine a phycologist telling you that you have that! I have a fear of slugs, snails and pretty much everything under that category. I’m also afraid of sea cucombers and insects. I just can’t handle gross slimy things 🙁

Aug 9, 2009
10:53 pm
#127 bob :

i hav, a fear of chairs. and cottage pie

is that normall?


Aug 9, 2009
11:21 pm
#128 Katherine :

I’m really odd! I have a fear of stepping on slugs not off slugs, I stepped on one about a year ago and I completly freaked out. The other day when it was raining I was on a feild with my dog and I had to inspect every inch of where I was going to step before I stepped, terrified of stepping on a slug, My worst fears came about tonight when I stepped barefoot onto a slug, I was heaving and almost crying, I got in the shower right away washing my foot with shower gel, about six times, and then scrubbing it with a shower lily with a seperate shower gel, I refused to use the same lily on my body, because I thought it had slug germs on it. I then got out of the shower and got the bacterial stuff and rubbed it all over my toes and feet and then I moisturised it and then sprayed it with perfume.

I also have a fear of thunder and lightning which is called astrophobia

Aug 12, 2009
4:26 am
#129 Mac :

i have a fear of being in open places. whenever i go out to eat i have to sit in a booth or sit at a table by a wall with my back to the wall. seriously, i will drag someone out of the seat if they take the one by the wall. i refuse to sit out in the open lol. and i really don’t like dolls. they are creepy. oh, and i have a fear of things crawling on me when i don’t know what it is. something actually crawled on my a couple nights ago and i freaked out and wouldn’t go back to sleep. it was 3:00 in the morning lol.

Aug 13, 2009
9:20 am
#130 Priya :

you forgot aquadomusphobia – the fear that your house will suddenly fill with water
lol. and i’m scared of the dark. and drowning. =]. =]. =].

Aug 13, 2009
6:04 pm
#131 Madi :

I have an awful fear of needles. Mostly the gigantic ones at the dentist office and the ones doctors use to take blood.
I have high cholesterol and a blood disorder so every time i go to the doctor they have to take vials of my blood. I freak out a lot, sometimes to the point where I have to be given valium to sedate me.
Its sad, i know.

Aug 27, 2009
6:58 am
#132 emma :

I have an incredible phobia of diving. Not scuba diving just diving into a lake of pool. I just can’t do it! So people don’t make fun of me as much i would really like to know the scientific name of my fear. Does anyone know??

Aug 31, 2009
6:23 am
#133 AaBbCc :

I have a fear of bieng in a car in a foreign country. it started when we were in spain and our car broke down and no one could speak english and we couldnt speak spanish.

Sep 3, 2009
10:28 am
#134 Arsey :

I have lepidophobia, which is a fear of butterflies and moths (although the term mottephobia is sometimes used as a specific moth phobia).

There doesn’t seem to be a name for my other phobia, which is seaweed, or, more specifically, swimming over or near seaweed. I add my name to the list of people who would like to know.

I’m *not* afraid of normal things, though, like spiders, snakes, or sharks. I think I’m broken.

Sep 14, 2009
4:03 pm
#135 Breena :

someone PLEASE tell me
Whats the fear of being touched on the neck by another peson
i can only find “fear of being touched” with is usually about rape or something like that
i cant find anything specific to the neck
and its only people who freak me out when they touch me neck, i dont reeli care about necklaces and scarfs etc.
PLEASE find out ive looked everywhere

Taahnkyouu. xx

Sep 17, 2009
1:07 pm
#136 Adam :

I’m a magazine journalist and i write for all the womens magazines in the uk.
I’m looking for a story about someone (preferably a UK resident) who has an unusual phobia that severely affects their life. I need a female angle so it must either be a lady with a phobia or a guy whose phobia affects his relationship with his wife/girlfriend.
These are well paid features and depending on how unique the story it could fetch anything from £300+ (often achieving between £600 and £1,000). The more unusual the story and the more it affects your life, the better chance there is of achieving top fees.
The magazine feature will be written in the 1st person (your perspective), giving the opportunity for you to tell it in your own words.
If you are interested and want to know more please email me at
I look forward to hearing from you

Sep 18, 2009
10:48 pm
#137 Bex :

I think someone was pissing about with Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia!!!! They must
And what about the funniest ive ever heard: Anatidaephobia — the fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you!! Lmao.
But ducks can be scary….lol

Sep 19, 2009
1:28 pm
#138 Daisy :

I just read some other weird phobias and I think cotton wool can be scary. The texture of it is so weird..
also – I think if I had any they would be –
fear of blushing in public
fear of very high adrenaline – fighting (physical, and confrontations)
im scared of trains although if I need to get somewhere ill go on one =D just watching them pass and the power of them scares me..
and ive been told my biggest fear is fear of the mind, and the possibilities of the mind. Like it works so weirdly.. nobody knows fully about the power of the brain/mind. And thats terrifying O.o

Sep 20, 2009
5:38 pm
#139 Rebecca :

Now mine is REALLY weird. I don’t know a single person who has it besides me. I’d be happy if anyone could give me a name for it (although I’m pretty sure there isn’t one).

…I have a horrible fear of metal, heavy metal, and screamo music. Seriously. I can’t listen to it. I’ll freak out. I’ll hyperventilate. I’ll scream. Anything to make the music stop. It scares me so much and I have no idea why.

Sep 20, 2009
5:49 pm
#140 Rebecca :

Seriously, once I was in Hot Topic with some of my friends and a screamo song came on the radio. It took all I had not to run out of the room crying.

Sep 27, 2009
6:51 pm
#141 mealie :

I have a fear of….
toenail clippers (weird i know)
and the colour orange !!!

Sep 29, 2009
7:38 am
#142 scary :

okay, i get new fears everyday.
they are really weird..
here goes.
being kicked in the bum while being asleep
people vomiting on me/near me
mashed up food
dirty water
the feeling of dirty hands..
people looking at me
tummy rumbling loudly in a quiet place
being embarrassed
not having a partner
being alone in class
writing the number 5
getting ocd
the feeling of baking soda/talcum powder
getting sick
i know i have more but i just cant think of them right now.

can someone reply to this and tell me the name of the fear of being scared of seagulls?

Oct 5, 2009
7:43 am
#143 jessi-cool :

I have a fear of people who mock other peoples phobias. Seriously, They are irrational. They aren’t supposed to make sense. Many people need loads of help and support to get over fears, and some idiots on this board decided to put them down because of it. You people are messed up.

P.s I am only talking to those on this board who are stupid enough to do this.

Oct 9, 2009
3:39 am
#144 Margie :

I have a fear of needles, which I suppose is pretty common, but if someone even says the word, I faint! I also have aquadomusphobia. I didn’t know anyone else had it! I seriously cannot be in a building near a lake or a pool or any water whatsoever.

Oct 10, 2009
9:21 am
#145 Kacio-Coolio :

You forgot one:
Alektorophobia-Fear of Chickens
I dont have it but you might want to add it to the list
I agree with you jessi-cool but most of these people are saying about their fears so cant really moan.

Oct 15, 2009
2:29 am
#146 Pants God :

Anatidaephobia- fear that somewhere somehow a duck is watching you.

Oct 19, 2009
4:55 am
#147 Amanda :

I just want to point out that it’s not a phobia unless it is causing major psychological distress to be around or reminded of a certain thing and you do everything it takes to avoid being near or reminded of the thing that is causing that fear.

It is not a phobia if you are grossed out by something, hate something, or even are just afraid of something. Like… I’m afraid of heights, falling, the dark, spiders and bees, but they’re not psychologically distressing, and I can tolerate them. With a phobia, I wouldn’t be able to do that.

Just sayin’.

Oct 19, 2009
4:58 am
#148 Amanda :

Oh, and it has to be severely disabling to normal functioning.

Oct 23, 2009
10:45 pm
#149 noah :

this was weird

Oct 24, 2009
10:38 pm
#150 Sopphiieee :

well i have a BAD phobia of having needles into even tho i had the flu jabb last week i cried for half and hour and also i took me about 25 minutes untill i finally, agreed to but my mum had to hold me down it was so embarassing :/ – hats the name 4 that thenn ?

whats the phobia where if your see somone elses wrist or your owni either cry or shiver as i hate it it makes me feel sick just thinking about it

Oct 26, 2009
3:27 pm
#151 emily :

i have a fear of : spiders,rollercoasters and any tipe of sickness and im clostrophobic

Oct 28, 2009
12:56 am
#152 brioney :

I have a huge fear of neddles! i HATE neddles,i freak if i see a neddle and i cry if a neddle comes right near me.the name is trypanophobia.theres ways to get rid of it.

Oct 28, 2009
5:40 am
#153 Sybil Vane :

I have a fear of dying in my sleep from an aneurysm. It keeps me awake at night and i take asprin all the time.

cooked banana
chicken skin and fat
finding a dead body

Oct 28, 2009
11:29 pm
#154 Capricorn :

I have Pediophobia. Seriously… They scare me half to death.

Oct 29, 2009
8:42 am
#155 Hannah :

is there such thing as a phobia of dish cloths ew i hate them especially dirty ons they creep me out lol weird i no

Oct 30, 2009
10:57 pm
#156 steph :

ok, idont know what the phobias called but whats it called when you have a fear of ppl or somthing being around my neck.. do you kno?

email me if you do

Nov 3, 2009
4:29 am
#157 salsa ducks :

I have a severe fear of public things, mostly public bathrooms and public telephones. I don’t even know where it came from, I just could never sit on a public toilet. Even the little cover things don’t help!!! What’s that called?

Nov 3, 2009
1:32 pm
#158 Ashby :

I have slight arachnophobia, and a phobia of needles.

I also have a friend who’s deathly afraid of balloons and aeroplane toilets. I think specifically LOUD NOISES. but stll, lol aeroplane toilets…

You pple wth millions of phobias are extremely spaz and messed up.
nah, just kidding, but seriously, if you have more than 10 phobias, GO SEE A DOCTOR

Nov 3, 2009
11:34 pm
#159 Lindsay :

I have this fear that I’m gonna lose my phone. Well, its not really a fear,
but more like this ‘what did I forget’ feeling all the time, even when I have it with me. Probably
because I accidentally washed my 1st phone in my pants pocket, and I lost my 2nd phone on the subway going to a baseball game.

Nov 10, 2009
9:03 pm
#160 creed-o :

wow there are a hellofa lot of phobias out there. And one i have is the fear of losing my fingers, or fear of windows, or fear of things that lurk outside….. aarrrggh it makes me shiver just thinkin bout it. OH, and fear of pudding, not jello like you weirdos, lol just kidding, but FEAR OF FRIGGIN’ PUDDING.

Nov 11, 2009
10:55 pm
#161 LB :

I have a fear of self flushing toilets. I don’t want them to flush multiple times and waste water– which they always seem to do– so I get creeped out using them.

Nov 12, 2009
5:32 pm
#162 emily :

DONT WORRY ALL YOU JELLO HATERS. im also extremely afraid of jello. ESPECIALLY RED. and i also have chiclephobia- fear of gum. AND i hat all red liquids. excluding blood. I AM NOT ALONE. (: hehe

Nov 13, 2009
9:42 pm
#163 Tato :

ok, so i tried looking up a weird O.C.D. thing i have. and all the results i came up with are reliable in one web site, but say otherwise in another web site.

i cant stand it when people touch my wrists. i cant even touch them myself. its hard for me to even think about getting an IV in my arm…..ugh, ok i cant even think about it now…
and i have a weird head nodding thing. its like it twitches and nodds at the same time. i know im doing it and i should be able to control it. but i cant.


Nov 15, 2009
9:20 pm
#164 madison :

i have alot of fears:
sleeping alone
old buildings
food touching
bums or beggers
getting stabbed
not knowing what is behind me
being infected with worms
sharp/metal objects
being stabbed
being tickled
slimy things
scratching things like chalk boards
throwing up
people behind me
old buildings
i hav mor but i just cant remember them right now….lol yaaa im a freak xD

Nov 23, 2009
10:26 pm
#165 Ryan Horlock :

🙂 HaHa funny as but i have anitiniphobia- a fear of thinking somewhere, somehow a duck is watching you!!!!!
I have anitiniphobia wait is there a duck nearby AAAAAHHHHHH

Nov 25, 2009
1:24 pm
#166 Dino :

i have a fear of being made into a breakfast bar cereal

Nov 30, 2009
12:24 am
#167 Louise :

for those people whot think phobias are weird and stupid? why bother coming on this site? :S now they’re the weird ones. get something better to do with your time!
and i’m glad i’m not the only one with a fear of buttons, i’ve had it since an incident when i was like 5, it doesn’t bother me and i don’t feel like i HAVE to get over it. proud of who i am and thats part something that makes me who i am. i don’t see why loads of other people bother wasting there time on finding these things amusing and picking on them like i was..
if i don’t care, why do they!? :S

Nov 30, 2009
11:00 pm
#168 kin :

i have the fear of odd numbers

Dec 1, 2009
9:10 am
#169 Chris :

I’m afraid of women. I’m a big guy and I could beat them, but I was raised up right. The problem is, I feel that women will abuse me emotionally and physically if I were in a relationship with them. It probably explains why I’ve never had a girlfriend. Sometimes I wish I could beat up the bad ones!!! Man, why did my parents have to raise me right???

With that, I’m afraid to go to a psychiatrist, especially female ones, to talk to them about it. With male psychiatrists, I’d feel embarrassed to tell them this. With female docs, I’d feel they would try to make me feel vulnerable and then attack me emotionally. I’m just completely scared out of my wits when I try to get myself to date/hang out with a girl. Having a hearing loss certainly doesn’t help (doesn’t improve my self-esteem).

Phobias: fear of women, fear of (female) psychiatrists (or fear of female medical professionals (MDs/nurses)).

Can maybe somebody help me (without being an idiot aka a “meanie”)?

Dec 3, 2009
9:22 pm
#170 db2009 :

anatidaephobia is the fear that you are being watched by a duck

Dec 5, 2009
5:19 am
#171 Dakota Mae :

I have the biggest fear of RAW MEAT it makes me cry even when its in sight lol!!!

Dec 6, 2009
11:05 pm
#172 Rosemary :

I am scared of the end of the world. I think it has to do with a movie I watched on tv called war of worlds.I am also scared of not being cared about and dying in my sleep.

Dec 11, 2009
8:12 pm
#173 danielle :

i have a phobia of looking out of a window at night =/ is that normal? my mind just like tells me that somebody’s watching me :S

Dec 12, 2009
9:12 pm
#174 MoonXxXxX :

I am so scared of sea weed like i actually pass out if i touch it and if i see it i get dizzy and hot , i have no idea why im scared of it lol but i hate it ! even when i see pictures of it i get all shaky.
ooh and im terrified of dirty water , i cant go near dirty water it scares the crap out of me haha
i dont know if im the only one that is scared of dirty water but its nice to know im not the only one with a phobia of seaweed , my dad thinks i am crazy.

Dec 18, 2009
4:43 am
#175 Christie :

Fear of raw chicken? Anyone?
I also have a fear of vomiting, germs, public speaking, loud noises, dying in my sleep, tornadoes, and then I have this thing about the volume on tvs and my ipod.

Dec 24, 2009
2:50 pm
#176 Phobias :

I have a fear of Spiders, Vomiting and things touching the back of my neck. Anyone know what thats called?

Dec 28, 2009
2:09 am
#177 Lolsol :


forgetting to save my game
getting sick

Dec 30, 2009
3:33 pm
#178 john :

im afraid of a pigeon having sex with a dog and then the dog sucking my penis ,is that weird

Dec 31, 2009
1:48 am
#179 conor :

i have 1 fear and 1 fear only that is feeling a heart beat (i hate it so much)

Jan 2, 2010
6:44 am
#180 Alayna :

I am afraid for my health. I am always thinking “what if…” about myself if I am sick or something. I always over analyze it and think of the worst possible thing. Not good. I also am afraid of getting stalked. I’m afraid of elevators. I always take stairs. I also dont like to sleep in my room by myself. I usually sleep in the living room. I have no idea why. I just feel safer. :/

Jan 7, 2010
9:36 pm
#181 Rosy Franco :

Grapes give me this weird feeling. I cannot eat them or see them at all or else i’ll start crying and shaking and my teeth get some kind of anxiety feeling. Well the reason why i decided to stop and think about it and try and do something about it, is because i recently started working last week, and my job Imports fruit from Chile, and the main thing they work with are Grapes, yes to my luck. My boss sat a bag of grapes on tuesday and it was so embarrassing because i almost flipped and i started shaking and my co-worker knew about this, so she told him, “i think u should move those grapes from there”. Anyway, Can some one please tell me if you know what this is? and why is it that i cant eat or see grapes.

Jan 9, 2010
5:10 am
#182 Anna :

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I’m not the only one that’s terrified of snails and slugs! I cannot go near one and if I see someone picking a snail/slug up, I immediately run away because I’m scared they might chase me with it.

Once I played an animal game and a picture of a snail popped up. I screamed and dropped the DS on the floor and ran out of my room.

Is that weird. S:

Jan 9, 2010
9:32 pm
#183 Bipolar Kenzie. :

I have a fear of:
People standing behind me
Darkness (I tend to see and hear things….I have paranoia.)
Being alone
Choosing favorites (dolls, colors, etc… I think they ones I do not choose will kill me.)
Being stabbed.
Breathing being cut off. (like drowning or being choked)
Glass dolls.

Jan 9, 2010
9:42 pm
#184 Bipolar Kenzie. :

Oh, and seeing or hearing about cuts on someones wrist. I tend to feel it myself and start shaking and crying…

Jan 13, 2010
8:17 pm
#185 Kelsey :

I am afraid of being burried alive.

Jan 20, 2010
9:01 pm
#186 thatgirl :

my sister has agyrophobia- the fear of crossing streets even if there are no cars it gets annoying after a while

Jan 27, 2010
6:52 am
#187 alsofearpostingmyname :

I have the fear of commenting on articles. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Feb 5, 2010
11:20 pm
#188 sparklywarkly :

i have a phobia of pulses! i swear im like the only one haha but i just can’t listen to mine or anyone elses. anyone know what this phobia’s called??

Feb 11, 2010
4:54 pm
#189 Michael E. W. :


Feb 16, 2010
12:01 am
#190 Maire :

I have an irrational fear of people touching my names :(…is there a name…i think we should invent one if there isnt…i know im not alone on this one…

Feb 17, 2010
4:04 pm
#191 Jay :

Does anyone one out there have a fear of green shampoo? If not, than neither do I.

Feb 17, 2010
4:06 pm
#192 Jay :

Also, I have a friend who has a fear of touching any food that causes an oily feeling on his hands.

Feb 17, 2010
8:37 pm
#193 Lina :

I have a paralyzing fear of satellite maps. I usually hyperventilate and scream whenever I see them. I hate frogs! Ew they are sooo disgusting and scary looking. I also have a fear of people or things touching my neck. I can’t stand turtle necks or shirts that reach for my neck.

One last thing, Idk if this is a phobia but I dislike it when certain people, including certain friends & family members touch my hair. I get paranoid that they’re going to do something weird to my hair/head.

Feb 19, 2010
10:01 am
#194 c8rg007 :

how about coituphobia (or is it coitophobia? idk) fear of having sex (not rape, sex)

Feb 22, 2010
11:33 pm
#195 Joseph :

Lol fear of snails/slugs? My sister has it, but it used to be much more severe. I used to plant pictures of snails on her desktop background or in her choir folder to scare her. It worked, but now she’s less afraid of pictures of slugs/snails. They still scare her in real life, though. I take advantage of that phobia whenever I can. 🙂

For those of you who are molluscophobic, this video is for you.

Feb 23, 2010
10:39 am

ihave a phobia of crazy people
i have a phobia of toes
and traffic
and storms
and people that generate a lot of saliva like my IT teacher
and scrap paper! AHHHH SCRAP PAPAERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!
Bye 😀

Feb 24, 2010
10:14 pm
#197 Autumn :

Does anyone know the name for fear of paralization of the legs?

Feb 26, 2010
12:13 am
#198 The hippy! :

OMG i am so soz guys but this is the weirdest but funniest website EVER!!! I mean common the fear of a duck seeing u!!! REALLY! Well I am scared of my friend Reilly ha ha ha JK she is awesome AND I am a hippy so PEACE

Mar 1, 2010
6:07 pm
#199 billi :

i m afraid till death of WATER, SEAS, RIVERS! i cant even take bath with closed eyes beacuse it always make me think I m underwater & surrounded by weird sea creatures!
other than this I m afraid of dark, loneliness, spirtual things, diseases, hospital procedures………………& the list goes on!
In short I m scared of many things.

Mar 2, 2010
2:35 am
#200 anonamouse :

i am sooooooooooooo afraid of jello. once on a cruise ship they tryed to feed me jello so i ran away. i am also afraid of needles. and the dark.but i am not afraid of spiders, guns, and any color.

Apr 14, 2010
4:20 am
#201 Randolf :

This is nice list and its funny reading some of the more humorous comments. But the phobia i have (which is terrible and makes life very hard) is Clinophobia: the fear of going to bed. let me clear this up now before questions start. this isent a fear of the dark but of going to bed aka sleeping itself, it makes for long sleepless nights making work the next day even harder then normal

Apr 16, 2010
12:29 am
#202 Lacie :

Hippopotomonstrsesquipedaliophobia-the fear of large words……..ironic huh?

Apr 21, 2010
4:08 pm
#203 Zoe :

I have carpaphobia- a fear of wrists.
i completley freak out if anyone touches my wrist- or if i see them touching theirs. I cant wear bracelets and never look at my wrists. im glad i now know its a real phobia

Apr 23, 2010
2:59 pm
#204 Shanna :

I have this phobia with germs.
and I’m always washing my hands and cleaning things

guess that makes me a good house wife

Apr 25, 2010
7:12 pm
#205 Emily c. :

I am afriad of blood ok i know its weird but im scared of people talking about slit wrists. donating blood, taking my own pulse , bleeding to death . but if i get a pater cut that bleeds or something i’m fine and even if i bleed alot i’m ok . and im fine with other peoples blood .but yeah not so much mine and like i can’t stand to even look at picters of human or animal guts in te text book. lol i known right i am never going to be a doc.

May 4, 2010
6:24 am
#206 Paul Arent :

How about antidisestablishmentsrianismophobia: the fear of revolt on the government or something like that.

May 6, 2010
6:16 pm
#207 betty red :

i really don’t have that many phobias i only have one but i think it’s that worst phobias you can get my is pooping in the car i know this is a crazy thing to have but it is real i am not the same girl my life was not like this i was 12 years old the day i got my phobia it was a 5 hr trip and it was like that and my phobia was here now i don’t like going any were anymore i really think am going to have to go poop my life is now all about this phobia i just wish i could get over this can anybody help me get over this so i can get my life back i really need help

May 7, 2010
2:59 pm
#208 Tonks :

I am petrified of…-
ear wigs
the dark

May 8, 2010
12:27 pm
#209 kalpna :

i m afraid of being addicted to some one or some thing that i have been doing continously…its strange but true………..i know i have a full control on myself but still stirke a thought in ma mind about a fear that why i m thinking it…….???if i m watching a movviess continously frm 3 days so i m being afraid from the addiction of watching movie..if i talk to nyone continously or regulary then i m afraid of being addicted to the personnn..plzzzzzz do something for getting me out of this……… 🙁

May 17, 2010
9:30 am
#210 richy :

What’s that fear called of finding breadcrumbs in the margarine? That’s mine

May 26, 2010
5:07 am
#211 kim :

Anatidaephobia is the fear that somewhere in the world, there is a duck watching you.

i thought this would be kindof true. i mean if you knew a duck was watching you, i would be pretty freaked out

May 28, 2010
8:20 am
#212 Jess :

I have a really bad phobia of people touching my neck or any top being round my neck.. scalves and necklaces are fine, but people and tops… urghhh.. can’t STAND it. It makes me cringe if people touch my neck and i absoultely hate it. 🙁

Jun 16, 2010
5:28 pm
#213 Lilly :

I am so happy i am not the only one with a fear of pidgeons and knees, seriously. i have quite a few fears…

genuphobia- fear of knees- not knees but seeing bear knees having my knees touched, wearing jeans that rest oddly on my knees and lying on my stomach as it makes my knees feel wierd.
ichthyophobia- fear of fish- i hyperventalate and cry and breakdown.
ostraconophobia- fear of shell fish – same effect as fish.
scelerphobia- fear of bad men or burgalars.
and pernocation- fear of pidgeons.

i don’t mind that much as none of these effect my life too badly except scelerphobia.
also, the phobia of baloons is called globaphobia
and there is a phobia of alcohol and of being drunk but can’t remember the name.


Jun 21, 2010
1:31 am
#214 roythecomedian :

I used to have a fear when I was riding motorcycles called toyotasusposiphobia which is the fear of having a toyota stuck up my ass!

Jul 7, 2010
4:43 pm
#215 Leah :

All my friends laugh at me for this, and my mum and sister get r e a l l y cheesed off! But I’ve got a MASSIVE phobia of toilets!!! (A slightly difficult and sometime inapropriet phobia, but there we go!!!)

And I also have a MASSIVE phobia of sick!! Sick in its self and actuslly being sick too!! when i feel sick or actually be sick i start shacking with fear, and i shake when i have to use a public toilet too!!

Jul 7, 2010
4:59 pm
#216 Amazin Ellie :

i hav a phobia of spiderz, dolls, big buildings, seeing purple and pink next to each other (NOT ACTUALLY JOKING I HAD TO ASK THE TEACHER TO TAKE OUT A PINK CARD FROM A PACK OF COLOURED CARDS ONCE AND PUT IT SOME WHERE ELSE)(NOT JOKING)(oh and i love turantulas not spiders)face paint, clowns, the dark,hobophobia i am scared of bums well if you had a butt stuck in your face would you scream? i did. moving on. pizzas bieng spun, 3d glasses, the word…oh no i cant type it. blue cake(as in icing, not cake),people behind me, statue of liberty, shelves, zebra crossings, big spaces, hair dryers, orange handled trolleys(not. joking.)pirates, eagles,globes, smered paint, pigs, poachers, ribbons, crumbs on a plate(i no, bit random)i hav a couple more but i think ive done enough. and i no, pink and purple next to each other, weirdest thing ever but heyho.thankyou!

Jul 7, 2010
5:07 pm
#217 Amazin Ellie :

oh ye had to write this i cant hav anyone touch the front of my neck.

Jul 10, 2010
9:17 am
#218 scarrryystuff! :

mkay, so im super freaked out by seaweed. idk why. just like ill be swimming in a lake or something and all of a sudden if it touches me ill just tense up and i just have a panic attack. like even thinking about it freaks me out. i also dont like when it floats on the waterr and stuff and like people make fun of me all the time but there is like nothn i can do because even pictures freak me out!!! D: ik, what a really lame and harmless fear. ahah.

Jul 12, 2010
3:28 am
#219 Nicky :

I have 2 phobias.

1 is jello which is pretty common here so I’m happy I’m not alone :D!

and the other is weird I’m disgusted and scared of when people rub their hands or feet on a carpet D: the sound makes me sick! ew D:

Jul 26, 2010
9:05 am
#220 hbarnes :

i have an terrible fear of fish , especially dead ones. i tense up and breathe really fast. i cant stand to be in water with fish.D: im also scared of dead animals.. D:. my icthyophobia started when i was little and went to france swimming in a lake. however there was loads of small dead slimy catfish floating on the water with their mouths open . i screamed and swam back to the land as fast as i could. i was so freaked out and havent been able to face fish since. even the thought of them makes me cringe. D:

Jul 28, 2010
12:48 am
#221 Caitlin :

well i got alot of them but my 2 weird ones are glitter and red/dark lipstick! O_o *Shudders* the mere thought of either of those stuck on me is enough to make me lose sleep

Jul 29, 2010
2:19 am
#222 Dirty Dirty Whore :

big fish little fish

Jul 29, 2010
2:24 am
#223 Dirty Dirty Whore :

I… I… I have a fear of peoples children jump up and down

Jul 29, 2010
2:28 am
#224 Potato Crumbler :

i know this is wierd but, since i went to an old persons home and saw and old man shaving his beard over a rusty sink i have always been scared of it… it makes me sick to the bone and it sends a chill down my spine

Jul 30, 2010
10:10 pm
#225 Yara :

Does anyone know the phobia name for fearing odd numbers?
I can’t seem to find it….and I know I’m NOT the only one that’s afraid of them.

Short story: I use to be afraid of Cotton Balls, until my mom grabbed a few and rubbed them on my hands! I [obviously] cried, but now I’m able to touch cotton balls. The feared how soft they were. :T

So if anyone knows the fear of Odd numbers PLEASE let me know. (:

Aug 3, 2010
12:24 am
#226 Mitchell "Jills" Shazia :

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is fear of long words…

So, you’ve got this guy, who’s terrified of long words, and you say to them, “Ah, yes, it would appear you’re hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobic.”

That’s just going to scare him…

Aug 6, 2010
7:24 pm
#227 Miaa x :

Here are a list of my phobias:

– Spiders
– Clowns
– People touching my wrist
– People touching the back of my ankle
– People touching my neck
– Gum sticking to my hair ( crazy, I know )
And dying.

Aug 9, 2010
6:25 pm
#228 Taylor :

For some reason i’m scared chicken close around me in a small place, I’m also claustrophobic, but If im in like a chicken coop or something i’ll freak. Also i’m scared of things that I don’t recognise, not ppl, but animals or things like that.

Aug 9, 2010
6:28 pm
#229 Heather :

Hi, I have a fear of certain textures. I don’t know why, but things like the cat’s fur when it goes up, or sumthing like the texture of growing leaves on the side of a house. AAAH.

Aug 16, 2010
6:17 pm
#230 :u-discovery--x :

argghhhh i have a fear of jello too, woohoo i’m not alone, yay! xxxx 🙂

Aug 27, 2010
1:52 am
#231 andy :

I also have that fear Britt, i get really nervous when someone says something many times AHHH IT SUCKS

Aug 31, 2010
1:58 am
#232 Lauren :

Can i first clarify that a phobia is only a phobia if it is irrational , for example the fear of dying or drowning is not a phobia they are fears.

Soo yeah , i have a huge fear of masks or more specifically lack or loss of identity.

Another one is the air raid siren , makes me sick to the stomach if i hear it.

and lastly clowns , a rather common one , again it links to the identity thing.

Sep 3, 2010
1:39 pm
#233 Kayla :

I have tryophobia! It’s a fear of holes and repeating holes. Like seeds, or honeycombs. Gosh, it makes me sick just typing about it. My jaw clenches, I feel like I’m gonna puke, I start to sweat and get itchy, kinda jumpy. It’s awful, and I hate having it. I’m also afraid of overlapping lines… I’m not sure what that’s called, but my brother put staples into an eraser, like 8 vertical and 8 horizontal, so it make a bunch of little squares. I almost throw up whenever he shoves that in my face. *shivers*

Sep 4, 2010
11:04 am
#234 rachel :

Omg! Im not the only one who has a fear of wrists!I cant stand anybody touching their wrists! and a HATE veins, the thought of an ingection in my veins disgusts me! It would totally destroy me if I had to have an ingection in my veins and i would throw up, but to make things worse, I have a phobia of Vomit and Vomiting too! =[

Sep 7, 2010
2:52 am
#235 julie :

i have this fear of birds…. manily seagulls flying over me
i have always been pooped on by them so when they fly over i try to run away or suymthn

whats that called?

Oct 4, 2010
11:57 pm
#236 caradoc :

ferrohippophobia — fear of trains — an actual phobia diagnosed among the Plains Indians on arrival of the railroad (iron horse).

Oct 6, 2010
4:21 am
#237 John Doe :

Eurotophobia= your gay

Oct 19, 2010
2:41 am
#238 sam :

i have a MAJOR fear of split ends… and anything resembling a cobweb…

Oct 21, 2010
12:11 am
#239 Lin :

I have a phobia of spiders and most insects ive had it ever since i was little, i think it started when my mom screamed over bugs infront of me when i was little.

Oct 23, 2010
2:42 am
#240 Dan :

lotsa people think the longest phobia is “Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia”, but it’s really

Oct 23, 2010
2:43 am
#241 Dan :

by the way, you won’t find it if you search for it.

Nov 23, 2010
5:08 am
#242 kevin :

i have a fear of a t.v. character jumping out of the t.v. and eating my food

Nov 26, 2010
4:52 pm
#243 Victoria :

Hey does anyone know the technical names for the fallowing phobias :
Fear of wet hands touching
Fear of wet dish rags or cloths
Fear of peanut butter getting stuck to the roof of your mouth
Fear of ladders
Fear of having long fingernails or letting people see your long finger nails.

I have all of these (yes I know im weird) and I was wondering if you could help me find the names for them.

Dec 4, 2010
2:41 am
#244 persondude :

I have a fear of feet and the dark, i almsot barf whenever i see feet, and i hyperventilate whdenever im alone in the dark, also, im always wearing socks and or shoes in my house

Dec 9, 2010
1:00 am
#245 Vanessa :

my fears:
all bugs
the dark
bad grades

Dec 13, 2010
5:54 am
#246 Jesse :

i just found out its called trypopphobia, i searched it on google and pictures came up and i almost started crying :'(

Dec 18, 2010
7:17 am
#247 StephyBear :

My phobias include:
Arachnophobia -Spiders
Glossophobia -Talking in front of large crowds
Myrmecophobia -Ants (i honestly start crying)
Traumatophobia -Getting hurt
I used to have Thantophobia -Dying, but now the idea doesnt seem that bad.
I used to have Acrophobia -Heights, but i thot of flying and how cool it would be and it went away! (i have skydived and it was amazing)
I have a huge fear of jumping into water, or jumping over water if there’s the slightest chance of getting wet. Its not Hydrophobia, because I can swim and water doesnt bother me, its the jumping in part that freaks me out! Does anyone know the name for that??

Dec 18, 2010
6:59 pm

This is exactly what I was looking for. Now I can do it with no problem

Dec 20, 2010
7:52 am
#249 Kat :

I have a few odd fears:

Mascots (like at ball games or disney world, there was this parade going by and i hid behind a pole until it passed, I was 13, not like some little 4 year old which wouldnt b as bad)
Cameras (Having my photo taken or being captured on video, I HATE picture day and spend most of my vacations dodging the camera)
Seaweed (Im afraid itll wrap around my legs and drown me)
Jellyfish (I saw this thing on animal planet when i was 12 and hav been scared of them since)
And my biggest (and weirdest) fear is of the grinch (yes, I know hes not real and he gav xmas back in the end, blah, blah, blah, its normally not a problem but around xmas time he starts showing up everywhere and…..ya)

And my mom is afraid of bridges over water (shell actually stop the car and make me drive across the bridge and then tell me to stop the car so she can get back in the drivers seat), and I hav a friend whos afriad of germs (but only on doorhandles), and my 12 year old brother is afraid of thunder and showers (no problem w/ rain), he takes baths instead which I find disgusting (Its like sitting in your own dirt), and I see no point in taking them to get clean, just my opinion

I think thats it:)

Dec 20, 2010
8:09 am
#250 Kat :

O and I have stage fright if that counts, but I’ve gotten alot better w/ that, its kinda weird for me tho, its not so much talking in front of BIG groups as it is groups of 100 or less (like a classroom), If I had to talk in front of an entire football stadium I think Id be fine, but if its a group of like 1-100 people…not so much:P

Dec 31, 2010
3:15 am
#251 Robert Mendoza :

I dont really know why but i guess because there dead and because there starring at you but im terrified of taxidermy. Another fear of mine would be scuba diving gear, just the way it looks and how they grip to your body as soon as they get wet scares the S**T out of me…

Dec 31, 2010
11:47 pm
#252 jazzy :

lol,i finnally found someone else who thinks seaweed is scary!!i also dont like:
squid(i cried when my mum treid to make me eat it)
dead spiders(ONLY dead ones,i scream like a baby when i see one)
my microwave(its broken so im always scared its gonna explode)
mirrors(im scared something will jump out and kill me,like bloody mary or,i duck whenever i go past them!!)

this doll i have (i shut her in a draw,im really scared shell murder me in the night)
goosebumps:carnival of horrors(that scares me sooooo bad,i shake when i see it)
and coroline.omg ,im shaking just typing it,i HATE that game!!

Dec 31, 2010
11:56 pm
#253 jazzy :

@#218 scarrryystuff! lol,i know!!i scream sooo loud and i just start trashing and kicking until its gone,and then i leg it!!my freind thinks its soooo funny.i think they should give it a proper name,its not the same as plants.

Jan 26, 2011
8:58 am
#254 lily :

I am terrified of butterflies, they freak me out. i can’t look at them without getting shivers, i hate how they flutter. i don’t know what that phobia is called tho.
I’m also afraid of of .. Fed-ex trucks following me, i’m not joking. i wish i was, that sounds so pathetic.
and vacuums, i need someone in the room if im forced to vacuum.
Paula Deen freaks me out, but i don’t think thats legit.

Feb 5, 2011
2:20 pm
#255 Geraldine :

I think you mean to say: “I’m such a euphobic”, and not “I’m such a euphobia”. Just like someone cannot be paranoia, but only háve paranoia and bé paranoid.

Feb 6, 2011
11:07 pm
#256 That1girl :

fear of breathing while somethings above your head. Thats mine. Its weird…..but whatever

Feb 11, 2011
9:46 am
#257 Katie :

veins! I can’t touch or look at my wrists. I also hate when people talk about arteries and blood vessels too 🙁
peanut butter sticking to the roof of my mouth
socks getting wet on my feet
people following me
small spaces
and i also have OCD on top of im a freak. -.-
Lol there is a fear that a hippo will steal your pajamas! Im not joking 🙂 lol

Feb 12, 2011
12:38 am
#258 Ggbabe :

My family give out to me wen I’m afraid of snails >:(

Feb 17, 2011
2:47 pm
#259 tina :

i have fear of repeated circular patterns

Feb 23, 2011
4:32 pm
#260 rubyxTWx :

Eleutherophobia is actually serious you probably dont knwo what its like to have it, dont make fun of it coz it can make mah life a living hell somtimes like when i saw the chilly miners getting free, i was litterally shitting my self :L xoxo

Mar 8, 2011
1:36 am
#261 Nadeshiko :

I am scared of ruber ducks

Mar 20, 2011
6:24 am
#262 Angel :

Uhm…..does fear of cheese count for anything? At all? I can’t stand the color yellow either….like those smilies up there were FREAKING ME OUT.

Mar 29, 2011
8:51 pm
#263 Emily :

Wow I find this interesting! I’m starting to realize what I’m afraid of are known phobias & I’m not alone (:

Fear of Trees ~ mostly I’m afraid of trees at night. I can’t stand driving through a forest roadway when it’s dark out. I remember driving home one time & my headlights were on the trees.  It was winter so the trees had no leaves. Looking at them made me feel anxious, I’m not sure why though.  I began crying & desperately wanted my dad to take the wheel. 

Fear of Loud Noises ~ Loud noises really frighten me.  I usually get sweaty palms, heart palpitations, and feeling faint. I stay in the school office whenever we have pep rallies in the gym because I panic. 

Fear of Tornadoes ~ I used to have this really bad. Even if there was just a tornado watch or severe thunderstorm I would hide in the basement for hours with all the stuffed animals I could carry. A few times I had to leave sleepovers because I was afraid a tornado would hit -_- I’m glad I have over come most of this!!

Fear of Choking ~ I don’t have this as much anymore. I used to be very afraid of choking on food. If I choked or nearly chocked on a certain food I would never eat it again!! I would avoid it at all costs!   I also fear people putting objects down my throat. When doctors use those Popsicle sticks or swabs in my throat  🙁 

Fear of Mirrors in the Dark ~ I’m afraid I will see something else in the mirror…But this is pretty mild lol

Apr 2, 2011
4:45 am
#264 abby :

I also have a fear of jello…. it’s terrible.

Apr 3, 2011
12:04 pm
#265 Nick :

Is there a name for a fear of flowers and some plants? I’m deathly afraid of them. What about a fear of large rooms. Kinda like the opposite of claustrophobia.

Apr 8, 2011
5:15 am
#266 kiyo-nya :

My fave was fear of the knees and fear of the pope

Apr 8, 2011
5:28 am
#267 kiyo-nya :

Markainthisaphobia= the fear that if you use the bathroom at night a guy will come out of he toilet and slice your butt

Fear of shower curtains
Fear of ceiling fans
Fear of midjet clowns
Fear of physical education class
Fear of taking the correct amount of medication
Fear of series finalies

I have all of theese

Apr 16, 2011
5:34 pm
#268 megan :

i have the fear of :
facial hair
deformed ppl
long words
my self>>>>yes there is a real phobia for that
vomiting>>>>>>>>alot of ppl like that are really skinny

hott water>>>> lol it has to be boiling

i also collect phobias like ppl collect postcards or bottle caps

i have a book full of phobias that i wrote down

ooooo and ihave the fear of:
the color tan
ppl in white coats
my skin >>>>> yes i have realy wird fears and im only afraid of my skin if its not tan

i have t5he fear of the number 2
any thing in cube form makes me cry >>>>lol

if u find names for any of them email me at


Apr 19, 2011
1:25 pm
#269 Jess :

My friend has a phobia of abnormally small people – nanophobia. Literally, she just runs away crying if she sees one.

Apr 25, 2011
5:59 am
#270 Phoebe :

OMG i have loads!!! im afraid of heights, spiders, People creeping up on me in the dark, death, end of the world, needles, THERE THE NORMAL ONES. im scared of 3 things the most (well 2) I despise seegulls im not scared just dont like them. PIDGEONS or columbiphobia but the one thing i hate is… FLIES!!! pteronarcophobia

Apr 25, 2011
6:13 am
#271 Phoebe :

There was a MASSIVE flies in my room and it flew past me coz i herd it. i jumped up and i saw it on the tv screen!!! soo i turned the light on, got one of my pumps of the floor, grabbed a small bowl a bit of paper large enough to go under the bowl. but i was too scared so i sat on my bed a cried and then slept in my big sisters room P.S im only 13

Apr 25, 2011
6:15 am
#272 Phoebe :

oh yeah im also scared of bees and wasps (i call em waps hehe 🙂 )

Apr 27, 2011
9:05 pm
#273 Cal :

thalassophobia, in case somebody didn’t say, is what I found to be a fear of seaweed. People call me weird, but it freaks me out so bad! I cannot swim in the sea cause I’m so scared of it!

Apr 28, 2011
1:27 pm
#274 c_ann :

I have thermophobia- fear of hot stuff

Apr 28, 2011
9:25 pm
#275 Shawty :

x x mad x x
Im so glad there is someone else with that phobia. They freak me out big time. And in history i have to stand outside whilst he is showing everyone one :/ x

Apr 29, 2011
1:50 pm
#276 xXMaddeXx :

I have a mega fear of being seen in my pajamas, I know it sounds kinda weird but it completely freaks me out so much so that I can’t wear them anywhere except at my own house, even then I have to have some clothes next to my bed to change into. I lie in bed and start to think something is gonna happen in the night and I have to change into clothes before I can sleep.
It’s weird, I know.

May 3, 2011
8:24 pm
#277 MOo :

everyone who thinks that ppl with phobias are wierd or retards shame on u, seriously. i hope u all get phobias and ppl laugh at u.

May 10, 2011
11:22 pm
#278 Rhi :

I’m HORRIFIED!! of wrists… I can’t touch them.. Look at them think about them.. And if anyone touches mine I attack them :\

May 13, 2011
8:03 pm
#279 Bujjcun :

Fear of Chinese/Japanese? That’s just racist >_<

May 14, 2011
6:01 am
#280 MEMEME! :

Bdellophobia — fear of leeches

leeches just creep me out, blood sucking worms 🙁

May 14, 2011
6:12 am
#281 MEMEME! :

Also i have the fear of alarm clocks, yes, i know weird, but that beeping sound kills me, radio alarms are ok though

May 17, 2011
10:42 pm
#282 Ciara :

Isn’t it odd that fear of long words is like one of the biggest words.. i wouldnt even be able to pronounce that.. lol

Whats my fear you ask.. well. Autophobia__fear of being alone

May 19, 2011
8:35 pm
#283 cakie :

what is it when someone is afraid/scared of lettuce? My son (20yrs old) has that real bad! And my daughter (23) is scared to touch or be near cotton wool balls!

May 22, 2011
11:49 pm
#284 Bizarosuperman :

is there a fear of being scared? or a fear of being held down.

May 22, 2011
11:51 pm
#285 Bizarosuperman :

@cakie i heard of people being scared of cotton, but i forgot the name of it. they said it makes a weird noise and feels funny. but i gotta admit it does make a weird noise.

May 22, 2011
11:58 pm
#286 Bizarosuperman :

and also i think i have a fear of eyes. you know those hard rough carpet floors? well when you look at the rug at a close range it looks like eyes and it made me shiver i had to literally get of the rug.

May 25, 2011
8:37 pm
#287 Imogen :

I have a fear of stuffed toys, dolls, spiders, the dark, clowns and my mum’s ex boyfriend.

May 25, 2011
8:42 pm
#288 Imogen :

I also have a fear of mirrors and reflective surfaces.

May 27, 2011
3:30 am
#289 Anthony :

Is there a name for the fear of Canada? I am deathly afraid of Canada. I’m not afraid of Canadians. I’m perfectly okay with them, it’s just the actual country of Canada that I fear D’:

Jun 1, 2011
10:18 pm
#290 Em :

thanks this helped me alot with my speech what is the name for fear of seaweed

Jun 8, 2011
6:29 am
#291 Anthony :

Helminthophobia or simply the fear of having something inside my skin/body. e – e;

Jun 9, 2011
3:36 am
#292 james :

im so fucking happy im not the only one in the world afraid of snails!!!!

Jun 9, 2011
7:41 pm
#293 Macdog12345 :

ablutophobia (fear of bathing, washing, or showering)
Genophobia (Fear of sex)
Koumpounophobia (fear of sewing buttons)
oikophobia (fear of household appliances)
porphyrophobia (fear of the color purple)
phobophobia (fear of fears)
scopophobia (Fear of being stared at)
anatidaephobia (fear that a duck is watching you)
luposlipaphobia (fear of being pursued by timberwolves around a kitchen table while wearing socks on a freshly waxed floor)
keanuphobia (fear of Keanu Reeves)
pteridophobia (fear of ferns)
pteronophobia (fear of being tickled by feathers)

Jun 15, 2011
1:55 am
#294 RibTickla :

My brothers partner has a huge fear of cotton wool

Jun 20, 2011
9:26 pm
#295 Sunshinegirlforever :

I reeeeeeeealy have a phobia of dreadlicks…….. anyone know what thats called? 🙁

Jun 23, 2011
7:31 am
#296 Shortie :

I have claustrophobia – fear of spiders
Arachnophobia – Fear of Spiders
cleisiophobia – fear of being locked in a enclosed space (got this from claustrophobia)

Jul 22, 2011
4:45 am
#297 Madam Phobia :

Katsaridaphobia, fear of cockroaches. i am mentally afraid of cockroaches, probably because when i was little i used to have cockroaches in my room on a almost weekly basis. oh, and a fear of slugs, too, because i was outside on a summers night barefoot, and, um, i accidentally brushed the side of my foot against the side of the slug!! Ewwwww! All the slime came off the side of the slug and onto the side of my foot!!!! Double ewwwwwwwwwww! Dad spent half an hour trying to get the beastly stuff off my foot, and even then there was still some left over. He was using the bristliest brush in the house!!! Urgh!

Jul 24, 2011
6:58 am
#298 Sammi :

I have a severe phobia of my own people or myself touching or feeling or talking about my own pulse. It is very inconvienient! Can someone tell me what the medical term is for this? :/

Jul 25, 2011
3:57 am
#299 Haley :

Yikes… I have a fear of butterflies and moths…
A fear of large open bodies of water (mainly when i can tell there’s a huge distance from the shore or when i look at it from above),
And sometimes(this isnt all the time. It happens occasionally) i have a fear of things touching the front of my kneck, like ill feel uncomfortable if something does touch my neck, and ill end up gripping it to make sure nothing touches it but me but thats bad too… I do NOT have a fear of death or being killed or anything but it feels like someone is going to slit my throat…

Jul 25, 2011
8:06 pm
#300 Eppy :

Seeing this list made me realize I have a lot of problems. :/

Aug 4, 2011
6:39 am
#301 Minnie :

i’m afraid of insects and spiders(except horseflies and bees)
i’m also afraid of being alone
and i’m afraid of people.
but not all people just. . . most people. they terrify me in the strangest ways

Aug 5, 2011
7:29 am
#302 SexyLexie :

i have a major fear of oompa loompas, doors, flies, facebook, tanlines, stairs, elevators, roll-away beds, staring, drugs, people that fear me and weenuses.

Aug 13, 2011
7:15 pm
#303 Alycia :

Im globophobic …fear of balloons

Aug 15, 2011
12:24 am
#304 erin t. :

fear of others holding baloons. i will shut my ears and watch them intently. i hate it.

Aug 15, 2011
4:40 am
#305 Ash :

I’m afraid of dolls, I’m afraid that they’ll come alive and kill me, oh and I’m afraid of pigeons, snails too

Aug 21, 2011
1:06 am
#306 Elle :

I have a phobia of slugs an snials its so horrible it really afects my life I cannot go outside at night in summer if I see a picture of one I can’t breath and I start to cry when I think about them my feet can’t touch the floor if they are barefoot or i freak out I’ve been to therapy and I’ve been put on medication but nothing works I hate this fear:(

Aug 22, 2011
12:30 am
#307 Christine K :

My husband has a fear of toilet paper (only person I have ever known that has dust on his Toilet paper roll and I KNOW he has a Hygiene phobia more along the line of the fear of being hygienically clean! “EW” is the proper come back to this! when we were first married, and he brought in his laundry for the first time, I cut all the poop stains out of his shorts and put them in a plastic bag. I said until he was fully continent, I wouldn’t do his laundry. To this day he does his own and I disinfect the washer afterward! Well now that, I think about it…”EW” may even be a bit of an understatement.

Sep 2, 2011
8:46 am
#308 Franklin Delano Roosevelt :


Sep 9, 2011
8:31 pm
#309 S.E.H :

Does anyone know the name of the fear of things clustered together. sort of like the seeds in the middle of a pepper? They freak me out, i feel sick when i see them and i want to touch them but i cant because i will be sick :S Yeah im weird

Sep 20, 2011
9:30 am
#310 Kristine :

The fear of clustered things / weird patterns is trypophobia.

For those of you who don’t know if you have this you can check by going to Google images and searching on trypophobia.

Oh, dear God! For those of you, like me, who do suffer from this do the search at your own peril!!!! Eeekkk, OMG, Lord help me, oh the heebee jeebees that gives me. YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sep 20, 2011
3:28 pm
#311 Stan Lee the Stalker :

I have a fear of not stalking people. You think it’s weird? i know… DONT JUDGE ME!

Sep 29, 2011
3:47 am
#312 Bobby :

I have a fear of:
People judging me
People watching me
People watching me when im alone
People stalking me
People hurting me
People using me

Oct 2, 2011
7:08 pm
#313 Tamera Kelckins :

I think I might have a fear of snakes! To me that doesn’t sound weird but, I freak out and get light headed every time I feel like I’m in an area where there could be snakes. What is that phobia called?

Oct 11, 2011
3:50 am
#314 cooly :

i have rodaphobia (the fear of anything shaped like a penis) ugh the thought makes me want to throw up

Oct 11, 2011
9:36 pm
#315 destiney :

forgot one
rectophobia- the fear of*chuckle* butts!=D

Oct 14, 2011
10:14 pm
#316 Cecelia :

I have a fear of spiders, clowns, the dark, heights and that if I close my eyes in the dark then someone is behind me and will kill me. On top of that I have OCD.

Oct 20, 2011
11:31 pm
#317 ali :

I am afraid of touching raw meat I CANNOT even use gloves to touch it… :/ it sucks

Oct 22, 2011
4:26 am
#318 dawn :

What do you call a fear of square plates?

Oct 22, 2011
2:40 pm
#319 James :

I have a fear of not knowing
What’s that called!!! D:

Oct 23, 2011
10:42 pm
#320 bones :

i absolutely hate it when people touch my forehead or neck or wrist bones when they touch it i have to start rubbing the middle of my forehead,wrist and neck to make it less sickening :S

Oct 26, 2011
10:51 pm
#321 lily :

i have a fear of snakes,spiders,dieing,being alone in the dark,shots,sometimes dolls,i do hope u have not this many because i am not done!:) by lily

Oct 26, 2011
10:53 pm
#322 lily :

plus the time is off i submited mine at 5:51

Oct 27, 2011
9:25 am
#323 TMC :

I’m scared of the dark itjust so creepy 🙁

Oct 31, 2011
12:23 am
#324 70calories :

I have the fear that somewhere in the world a duck is watching me….

Oct 31, 2011
2:37 am
#325 matthew sawyer :

i don’t know what the name of it is it could be a mixture of a few my greatest fear is the fear of being dangled in the air like bungee jumping or rock climbing. i can’t even swim so i stay where my feet touch the ground i have never been in the ocean because of it.

Nov 4, 2011
4:50 pm
#326 Danniella :

D8 I have horrid problems with snails and slugs. (I HONESTLY did not know it was an weird phobia :I) Ever since I was little. Everything about them, even if they are so slow I’d scream the hell away ( my mom finds this hilarious) I’m fine with other insects and bugs, even cockroaches But I can’t stand the sight of a snail or slug (more of the snails)I like to collect shells at the beach but from sea snails picking it up would just send shivers down my spine D:<

Nov 11, 2011
4:51 pm
#327 aileen :

i get nervous whenever i’m on the front of the crowd doing some kind of reporting, discussing some matters. I tend to forgot the things i already prepared ahead. Is this some kind of fearsome? a stage fright?

Nov 14, 2011
2:09 pm
#328 veronica :

My brother has a fear of the smell of party food. Does anyone know what the name will be?

Nov 16, 2011
1:51 pm
#329 kay :

I have a phobia of pigeons and also seagulls… all other birds im fine with its just pigeons and seagulls

Nov 17, 2011
11:05 am
#330 val :

Couldnt find my phobia, im scurred of gas heaters. Anyone know the name for my phobia?

Nov 19, 2011
12:06 pm
#331 Nikki :

I have a fear of getting stuck in clothes….if i stuggle to get something off cause its too tight or small i break out in a sweat and cant breath properly.
I have searched for a name for it …but No luck…anyone know of this???

Nov 21, 2011
10:22 pm
#332 Ashley :

why are people scared of jello??!! You gotta have a reason. Anyways im not scared of the dark inside my house i love it. But when i go outside at night i get extreamly scared of it. Im scared of whats in the dark like stalkers or someone waiting to kill me or wild animals. I have to at least have someone with me at all times.

Nov 21, 2011
10:37 pm
#333 Ashley :

im also extremly scared of how i look. Like my face wise. Im extremly ugly without makeup and i hate looking at myself without makeup. I put it on just so i dont have to look at how ugly i am and kno that thats how i really look. And i get even more scared that other people will see how i really look. Esspeacially my friends and boyfriend. He has never seen me without makeup and i dont plan on him going too. So i dont want to ever take a shower with him cause my makeup will come off. Im trying to improve my looks so i can have natural beauty and not have to wear it all the time. At school i redo my make up every chance i get. What is this phobia called?? I also never go swimming either.

Nov 28, 2011
2:27 am
#334 mischieftoo :

i am completely afraid of my heart beat. feeling it pounding against my chest, every waking moment of my life, just makes me feel so terrible. and it is almost always right non top of my mind. and also, i have a fear that, if i am in a building and not in the basement (if there is a basement. i LOVE buildings with only one floor because of this) the ni am afraid that the floor will break, and the whole building will collapse. i guess i have always lightly had this fear, but… in my house, there are 2 floors (basement, main floor), and the family room is on the main floor. we have two couches there, and recently my family got two new couches that are sitting around while we wait for my uncle to take the old couches, because he wanted them. so meanwhile, we have four couches in our family room. it COMPLETELY UNNERVES me. all the time, i feel like my house is going to collapse.
and also, i am completely paranoid at night (when it is dark), or i am alone in the house. i am afraid that there are murderers just waiting behind the corner with a knife. i know its ridiculous, but i can’t shake off the feeling. and so, i guess that is why i am afraid of the dark, too.

no one else had posted something about them being afraid of a multi-floored building falling apart, which i guess is a good thing, because that means that its probably so ridiculous that no one had ever thought of it before. well, i hope that’s the case.

good luck to you all, and reading this page makes me feel better.

Nov 28, 2011
5:19 am
#335 Carina :

I have a fear of velvet.. I just cant stand the touch of it! Last time I touched I freaked out and started hyperventilating… I also have the fear of something crawling on you but you don’t now what it is…. I would like to know the name of both please!!!

Nov 28, 2011
5:22 am
#336 Carina :

Oh yeah and I also have the fear of people following me… Once again can anyone tell me what that is called??? Please?

Nov 28, 2011
8:27 pm
#337 georgia :

my fears-
people dressed up
people on stilts

Nov 28, 2011
8:30 pm
#338 georgia :

and the lollies with bubble gum in the middle of them i hate the smell of them

Nov 28, 2011
8:32 pm
#339 georgia :

nikki its called claustrophobic

Nov 30, 2011
5:07 pm
#340 laiqah :

my sister has a phobia of the names john and peter and sarah

Dec 10, 2011
9:21 pm
#341 That one Girl :

I have a terrible fear of veins and I can’t touch wrists and I can’t watch other people touch their wrists and the inside of elbows freak me out and I get anxious just thinking about them and I’m scared to tell my friends because the last time I did that the person that I told started teasing me by rubbing her wrists until I started to cry. Even typing this makes me want to curl up into a little ball. <=(
Does anyone know the name for the fear of veins? I looked it up but I couldn't find it.

Dec 10, 2011
9:28 pm
#342 Keisha :

My phobia is vintriloquist dummies. I a terrified of them!

Dec 13, 2011
11:26 pm
#343 Amanda :

I have the BIGGEST fear of backwards music and backwards music… I cry . Its really creapy to me :'(

Dec 13, 2011
11:33 pm
#344 Amanda :

I have the biggest fear of backwards songs and words. my sister would play backwards music on her Ipod… I would scream. Does anyone know what that phobia is called ? dont mind my last post. ^

Dec 16, 2011
5:02 am
#345 Cocopup9 :

I have a lot of phobias which is really really sad:(
Coulrophobia- clowns
Peladophobia- bald people
Testophobia- tests
Claustrophobia- Enclosures which is also a common phobia if u have
Gephyrophobia- bridges going over and under

Dec 23, 2011
4:52 am
#346 halle :

i have a fear of popping balloons.

Dec 27, 2011
10:51 am

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Dec 28, 2011
11:53 pm
#348 Jenna :

I have a fear of paintings of people..I seriously feel like they will move or come out of the painting.

I fear dolls, and ever since I was little..I’ve hated Barbies..people think it’s’s not!

I am afraid of bra’ all seriousness, so I stick to training bra’s..or sports bra’s…I am 37 years old,’s messed the heck up.

Dec 30, 2011
12:19 am
#349 Matt :

A fear of giants

Jan 2, 2012
9:45 pm
#350 Adreine :

I have a fear of spoons . Whenever , I need to use one , I freak out badly . I look at it , and I see like .. a devil or something . When I pick it up , I like … need to squeeze it and pretend that I am crushing it or something because I have a hard feeling in my teeth . I know , it is weird .. But ya know , this is just my thing ..

Jan 4, 2012
12:22 am
#351 loveczarcasm :

#334 mischieftoo: Actually, I was googling “fear of floors collapsing” b/c I can’t take this phobia anymore..your tidbit came up in the results and…here I am. I have had this fear since I was younger and absolutely cannot take it anymore. I thought I would see if I could find some remedies online before I saw someone for real. I too cannot have too much furniture on my floors or even fill up the bathtub too full b/c I’m afraid it will fall through. When my husband and I bought our house I had to be reassured and reassured some more that the house was sturdy and will not cave-in. I DO NOT trust houses that were built in the early 1900’s. If I could live in a basement I would. You are not alone. Lately, I have been losing sleep over this. My husband thinks I’m nuts, but at the same time tries to be reassuring and supporting.

Jan 4, 2012
12:26 am
#352 Atheena :

I’m terrified of Slugs and/or Snails. UGHH!

Jan 5, 2012
10:26 pm
#353 Thalie :

I’m afraid of being in water. (as in water in a pool or at the beach) I hate it when people come close to me, touch me, lift me or do anything to me while I’m in the water. I don’t like being in water past my waist and if I go any deeper and the water reaches my chest, I start panicking and breathing hard. It feels like a fat man sitting on my chest when I’m in chest-high waters.

I also am afraid of bugs…all kinds including butterflies, moths, caterpillars, roaches, beetles, ants…all the works.

Jan 10, 2012
6:59 pm
#354 Alaina :

Im scared of getting/giving hugs. I cry. and im also afraid of touching food that is in the dish water just hangin out in there

Jan 16, 2012
10:39 am
#355 susan :

the only way to get over a fear is to do the thing that scares you and you wont be scared of it anymore. trust me i know. i used to be afraid to leave my house and ddnt leave it for a year. whenever i tried i would have terrible panic attacks. but i just kept trying it little by little until it ddnt scare me anymore. it takes work but anyone can get over a fear no maatter how dibilitating it is.

Jan 28, 2012
4:07 am
#356 Alexis :

I have a fear of Semi’s

Jan 31, 2012
5:58 am
#357 Isha :

Hi, my phobia is fear of small clustered objects!! It is something I cannot describe only show. Some times when I see certain things I have to prevent myself from vomiting! Like I said all you have to do is google a video (not just the picture)of a centipede walking!!! AARRGGH!
Ooohh?? And by the way??? I am also afraid of clowns and drag Queens!!! Thy scare the bejesus out of me….!
I dunno It’s just the creepy face, makeup & funny clothes. Eeeewww!

Feb 1, 2012
5:26 am
#358 Cynthia :

what about the fear of running. O_o im deeply scared of running and i try as hard to stay away from it.

Feb 1, 2012
11:41 pm
#359 stacey donnelly :

I have a majour epic fear of brass/metal toilets! They scare the hell out of me…i jump back and run if i walk into a cubicle with one of those toilets…..and i dont know why!

Feb 3, 2012
3:02 am
#360 Bradley :

I’m scared of other people’s stuff in my space. Once, I had a nightmare about me living in my home, and then the military had to get someone in my basement, and they threw everything in my house until they trew a lighter and a nuke iny room. :[] Am I the only one? Oh and does anyone know what this is called of it is a phobia?

Feb 5, 2012
6:34 am
#361 Nancy :

I have such a big fear of viens like the inside of wrists. I like how vainy arms look on guys though. I have a weird fetish for guys hands. C: I also have a fear of ballons popping. & of dark hallways, I always think some thing is behind me, I always look behind me and have to run really fast to where ever I need to go. & I think the human body is like really gross. Right now I’m holding my phone and it feels so weird cause my bones are against it, holding it. Ew, gross.

Feb 10, 2012
4:10 am
#362 KP :

I have a fear of jello too…Jangelaphobia…it freaks me out and makes me feel sick just looking at a photo of it.

Feb 16, 2012
12:16 am
#363 pav :

i fear nothing besides god till death

Feb 17, 2012
4:35 pm
#364 shonagirl :

i have a fear of people standing behind me or people that can see me when i cant see them, anyone know what this is called?

Feb 18, 2012
12:07 pm
#365 Scaley :

I have a fear of:
Gaining weight
Public speaking
Being judged by others
And of course puppets o.O

Feb 19, 2012
12:22 am
#366 Rachel :

I have an extreme fear of pigeons and frogs. I didn’t have either until a few years ago, and they began out of nowhere.

My mom says I used to love pigeons when I was a kid, always running after them in the city. Now, if one crosses my path, I turn around and go another way. I’m terrified of them, which is really unlucky for me because I live in a big city, there are pigeons everywhere I go.

Feb 19, 2012
5:31 am
#367 hannah :

ok i have a phobia of hobo’s heights and drunk people it may sound weird but i also have a phobia of hallolween and some costumes i have another phobia of getting kissed but i dont worry about that one too much i have to get over my fears and i hate shots in the pulse and uckkkkkkk its so sensitive and i hate balls like basketballs,vollyballs because when i was younger i was outside and i was in kindergarden in a line and this 5th grader hit me in the head with a big hard dodge ball i cried and it bounced off my head i absoulutey HATE basketballs and bolleyballs there way too hard everytime in p.e. i always lose and im the last one to bounce a hard ball lol but i love soccer weird huh?

Feb 23, 2012
7:01 am
#368 BreLaShea :

– I have a very severe fear of walking over the little metal things that are in the ground with the square holes ! Every time my family & I are out , I step over or around them . Because I’m afraid I might fall in them … Plus I’m Claustrophobic Sooo , the underground hellhole vision just gives me the shakes ..

Feb 24, 2012
3:39 am
#369 sweethang :

im scared of elevators

Mar 4, 2012
10:20 am
#370 Halo :

I am so terribly afraid of wrists.. like th others on here it scares me to death and i keep them covered all the time and I really want to know if there is a name for it.. even reading the comments the other people made nearly put me to tears. When I think of anything wrist related I start thrashing around and biting my clothes my blankets. I also have
Diplophobia- fear of double vision and dizziness
Katagelaphobia-Fear of ridicule and being stared at

Mar 9, 2012
11:03 pm
#371 kittysnakee :

ahhhh i have a HORRIBLE fear of wind turbines…… >.< omg ahhh i dunno why theyre so scaryy, and just objects that are bigger than they normally are or like something is heavier than it should be, like a little tiny marble weighing like 5 lbs (even though i know i wont fin one XD i have nightmares of them) and whales, and owls o.o ehhhhh. imma just put it in a list now 😛
any type of store
asking questions
people standing behind me or to the right of me (not left o.O)
throwing up XP
being in small enclosed spaces
fishh (even though i eat em all the time :P) so just live fish
and well i could say about 30 more but i wont lol. itd be nice to know if there exists a name for the fear of wind turbines… if anyone knows XD.

Mar 12, 2012
9:49 am
#372 caraxxxxxxxxxxx :

i have a huge fear of slugs and snails but mostly slugs and esspecially the ones like leapord slugs one day my brother pretended to have a slug in his hand and i nearly had a panic attack. i also have a fear of being told off if i get told off even about a tiny thing i will remember that everytime i see that person and if i get told off even about something miniscule i will have to try not to start crying afterwards for eg. the one day i was sitting on my friends couch with my legs folded like people do in class when they are sitting on the floor and there mum told me to please get my feet off the couch and now i am scared to even go near their mum also i absouloutly hate being alone and if im any where alone even upstairs and everyone else is downstairs i start freaking out

Mar 14, 2012
6:51 am
#373 Anonymous :

I have phobophobia- fear of fear. I’m not sure how to spell it though. 🙂

Mar 15, 2012
6:23 pm
#374 allie c :

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia- Fear of long words. :))

Mar 17, 2012
2:31 am
#375 I who shall remain unnamed :

I have the most irrational fear of cauliflower.

Mar 28, 2012
1:23 am
#376 james :

i am actually frightened to death of the BSOD (blue screen of death) you get on a computer. all my friends laugh at me but soon as i see it. i have to quickly leave the room. for some reason it just looks very dangerous :/

Apr 4, 2012
8:04 pm
#377 asiandude :

I have fear of Drano as well as anything that I think will contain something too acidic or basic; like vomit (hydrochloric acid). Hence, I am afraid of babies because you don;t know when they will throw up on you or spit up on you. YES, I FUCKING HATE BABIES!

Apr 6, 2012
9:18 pm
#378 Weirdgirl :

I have the fear of dying. A few years ago I wouldnt let myself be alone because i was scared to die or the world would end but now i kinda gotten over it but i still am scared

Apr 8, 2012
11:44 am
#379 izz :

OOKAY, atleast im not the only one(in a way)… i am PETRIFYED of gas masks. When i see them, i get adrenalin rush through my body and some times have a panick attack. Once, in my history lesson at school my teacher brought in and showed it to the class… i wanted to cry. I had an adrenalin rush and shut my eyes untill it was gone.. and the thing that scared the living shit out of me was when i saw that doctor who episode with the gas masks in it and the little boy going ‘are you my mummy?’ I have nightmares ever since ive seen that, when i was 7… im now 12. Once when that episode was on thw telly my dad put it on and i screamed at the top of my lungs and covered my ears and my eyes and screamed at the same time and had a 1 hour long panick attack.

Apr 10, 2012
10:19 pm
#380 Lols :

I have Voldophobia. The fear of not having a nose.

Apr 11, 2012
2:58 pm
#381 unknowable :

i don’t think anyone has mentioned it because there is like 500 comments but i have ‘entomophobia’ (fear of bugs/insects) mine isn’t real bad with really common things like flies and mozzies but anything with more than 6 legs i become the most emotional crazy fucking ninja ewoidf2k9d2ku89089ut#@&T*^ like sometimes moths and butterflies make me shit bricks too

Apr 13, 2012
1:53 am
#382 shalia :

i am terrified of clowns and i want to know what thats called so if u know could u tell

Apr 17, 2012
12:45 pm
#383 Namelessnessone :

I am afraid of spiders.
I am afraid of my peanut allergy working against me, in some horrible way.
I am afraid of food getting stuck in my throat, in the midst of swallowing, and nobody being around to help, or people being around and not helping me at all.
I am also afraid of swallowing pills, and would honestly much rather get a guaranteed lifetime of needles, then to swallow another pill ever again.

I am beyond petrified of sirens and horns of ALL types. I buckle to my knees with fear when they blare. Especially when the sirens are related to emergency vehicles, because of all the accidents I have survived and bad news I have recieved over the years. I cringe when I hear sirens and curl up in a ball, in public SERIOUSLY.I think of the person/s being attended to, and even of their families. My reaction is ALWAYS exactly the same even when I’m by myself.
I am also really afraid of car horns, like after a car accident. When I hear people “laying on the horn” I think of the very very worst.

Apr 19, 2012
12:42 am
#384 BerthaBartzy! :

I have a fear of poop and hotdogs being smeared in my face. I also have a fear of guys dingys. Also, I think I might have a fear of prettyness….so luckly i can still look in the mirror…

Apr 22, 2012
1:57 am
#385 Anonymous :

I have a fear of white walls. What would that be called?

Apr 29, 2012
7:33 pm
#386 Alanna123 :

I have a fear of people to touching my hair. Like. Not a fear of hair. But a fear of people touching my hair. I freak out an you’ll end up getting slapped if you touch my hair. Also a fear of people touching my neck. It creeps me out. And I have trypophobia. And also a fear of hightail. And ladders. I’m not afraid of seeing a ladder or walking under one. But I can’t go up one without freaking out. I also can’t go down without having a panic attack. Does anyone know what that’s called ? Thanks (:

May 1, 2012
7:34 pm
#387 weird :

im totally scared of movie theatres. theyre so creepy with the big screens and stuff. Even being near a movie theatre is creepy. once my friends put a blindfold on my eyes and took me into a really big theatre. i. freaked out so bad that the security had to drag me out of there. and i literally mean that they had to drag me out of there. and im also scared of cops so you can imagine me just cyrling up in a fetus position yelling stuff like “NO NO NO NO” and crying.

May 7, 2012
6:28 am

i have bananaphobia and turophobia

May 8, 2012
10:48 pm
#389 Jaw :

Im really afriad of –
Failure (worst really has been really bad at
Talking to strangers (better)
Last is Jello when I was younger I choked on it ever since i
Like freak out I thought I was the only one that was scared of jello

May 14, 2012
5:08 pm
#390 Sarah :

Im glad to know there r others who have the same fears as me n I’m not alone!! 🙂

I have a fear of :
– vomiting – hate the smell, n taste , the thought of it, someone else doing it, And hearing it. I do what ever I can to avoid it.
– snails and slugs – can’t stand seeing or even look at pictures of them in books, hate when people pick them up and hate to accidentally step on them . I just can’t stand their sliminess n just the way they are. They are jus gross! N horrible creatures!!!!!!! Errrgh…
-Heights or any form of ride

May 24, 2012
8:19 am
#391 Elizabeth :

#72 Rachel: I’m afraid of astronauts too! The slow walk, the Darth Vader breathing, but especially the faceless masks. My heart rate increases when I see a picture of one, and I couldn’t even go by the model they had in the Air and Space Museum in DC!

May 26, 2012
1:54 am
#392 KC :

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia- Fear of long words……how ironic

May 31, 2012
5:28 am
#393 David :

I have muliscophobia (fear of snails) but I have no idea why. Friends torment me once they put a snail in my shirt I felt like there was a billion snails on my body for the rest of the day. I will never where that shirt again

Jun 1, 2012
2:35 pm
#394 Bored_In_School :

i have a fear of sitting on the toilet for more than twenty mins….im not joking…. because i fear i might die like the qadiyani guy mirza gulam ahmad who “claimed” to be a prophet!

Jun 2, 2012
11:25 pm
#395 ScardyCat :

I am scare of a lot of normal things such as spiders, needles, etc.

My biggest weird fear is definitely Styrofoam though!!! I am petrified of it. I am also REALLY afraid of raw meat and having a child.

Jun 4, 2012
4:10 am
#396 ProudRedneck :

Funniest Ones!!
Rectophobia- Fear of rectum or rectal diseases.
Eurotophobia- Fear of female genitalia.
Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia- Fear of long words.
Oneirogmophobia- Fear of wet dreams. (the funniest in my opinion 😛 )
Panophobia or Pantophobia- Fear of everything

The rest i got from another site…
Eleutherophobia- Fear of freedom.
Gymnophobia– fear of nudity.
Omphalophobia– fear of bellybuttons.
Negrophobia– fear/dislike of Black people.
Hobophobia- Fear of bums.
Consecotaleophobia- Fear of Chop Sticks.
Hippolarconinsomiaphobia-The irrational fear of a hippo stealing your pajamas.
Anatidaephobia– the fictional fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you.
Luposlipaphobia– fear of being pursued by timber wolves around a kitchen table while wearing socks on a newly waxed floor.
Defecaloesiophobia- the fear of painful bowels movements.

There’s a ShitTon more but I don’t wanna scour the internet for them. 😛

Jun 4, 2012
7:52 am
#397 Synergy13 :

I just wanna say…just because you dislike/hate something, doesn’t mean at all that you have a phobia of it…

Jun 4, 2012
4:12 pm
#398 lucy :

i have a fear of snails and slugs

Jun 4, 2012
5:41 pm
#399 Eryka Dews :

This One Is Weird But I Have A Strange Fear Of
Sticks A.K.A Stickaphobia?

Jun 10, 2012
7:04 pm
#400 Heather Lane :

I absolutly HATE anything close to the back sides of my knees the insides of my elbows or my wrists. i cant even look at a wrist without covering my own. i have panic attacks when some one tries to poke me with something. if someone tries to touch the insides of my elbows i will run i cant even touch them im shaking just thinking about it!

Jun 21, 2012
4:25 am
#401 christy :

i have Petaphelaphobia it the fear of people touching my feet i have no issue with others feet i play with my lil bro’s all the time but when someone even mentions touching my feet…i cry and when they do touch my feet i scream and cry and i feel very dizzy and i hate that i cant explain why i have this fear

Jun 25, 2012
8:59 am
#402 Alexis :

I have a fear oflsof my hair getting caught in my fingernails :/

Jul 19, 2012
7:19 pm
#403 Eclipse :

i have had pediophobia since i was little and only found out what it is now! lol shows how mauch ive missed

Jul 25, 2012
4:07 pm
#404 Strange :

I have a fear of the word “thumb” have you ever heard of anyone with that problem?

Jul 28, 2012
4:19 pm
#405 john :

i have a legit fear of weeds which im not sure but i belive is called bontaphoia

Aug 1, 2012
9:00 pm

i have a phobia of plastic couches, rice, cabbage, and salad.

Aug 2, 2012
2:14 am
#407 vanessa :

i cant sleep without my feet being covered with something like socks or my blanket i sleep with i dont know the name of it though

Aug 13, 2012
3:19 pm
#408 whathell22 :

i have none of those, but the only phobia i have is with heights, i get dizzy and sometimes pass out if im up to high. (when i find out when im that high of the ground)

Aug 19, 2012
1:38 pm
#409 Bri :

I have a very strange phobia. I can t stand when the word “thumb” is said. It makes me sick.

Aug 23, 2012
3:44 pm
#410 unknown :

Fear of 13 ahhh!
Fear of bellybuttons!

Sep 1, 2012
4:06 pm
#411 Joey :

I have Caraphobia, which is a intense fear of wrists. I hate it so much when people say that I over react about my fear but I would rather go for the rest of my life with out food than to have someone feel for my pulse!!!!

Sep 15, 2012
6:59 pm
#412 Emily :

I’m scared of people standing behind me (it creeps me out and I feel like screaming) and also a fear of basking sharks, no others, Just basking (it’s the mouths they go massive and scary nd earrgh ) I know that the first of those is a type of chlostraphobia but not sure about the other.

Oh and Gas masks – can’t do it

Sep 16, 2012
9:26 pm
#413 Kirsten :

I’m scared of
Squeqy noises
And anything to do with any of that……

Sep 21, 2012
2:17 am
#414 mikey :

I dont like being around plumming or gas pipes, Ive always had a fear of them and the hissing sounds they make. there was a time when taking a shower seemed like torture and Id do it as fast as I could, Ive learned to ignore a lot of it but going near the water heaters and furnace still make me very uncomfortable.

Oct 2, 2012
8:18 am
#415 fraidycat :

I have a fear of sunsets and spiders and snakes, those buggers can ill you!

Oct 17, 2012
12:03 pm
#416 marh132 :

does any one know a specific word for fear of black cat?? im totally scared of them Also i had a classmate in school whose afraid of ducks and Atelophobia- Fear of imperfection. and Eisoptrophobia- Fear of mirrors or of seeing oneself in a mirror. and Hematophobia- Fear of blood. Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia- Fear of long words. Mortuusequusphobia: abnormally afraid of ketchup. pretty much Pantophobia- Fear of everything

Oct 17, 2012
5:24 pm
#417 Hannah :

phytophobia is the fear of seaweed for all of you who want to know.

Nov 2, 2012
8:34 pm
#418 rachel :

Well… I hate:
Spider webs (I dont actually mind spiders)
Small dark enclosed spaces
Getting old
Getting spots
People touching my neck or waist
People coming too close to me
… So yeah fun times

Nov 22, 2012
6:35 am
#419 Jack :

I have the strangest fear: Anatidaephobia- the fear that somewhere in the world a duck is just watching my every move.

Nov 28, 2012
5:29 pm
#420 LittleA :

It’s seriously sad how phobias (I mean real phobias, not just minor fears) are teased!
REALLY? If someone has a phobia of jello, don’t throw jello at them! Jeez, world, accept people’s phobias! NO MATTER HOW WIERD IT IS, IT’S A SERIOUS PART OF THEIR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 9, 2012
10:38 am
#421 cassie :

i have the fear of

-slit ankles
-slit writs
-veins and arteries
-cuts by writs
-deep deep cuts
-the ocean
-talking in front of semi large crowds

my biggest is slit ankles
im making the “impossibru” face just thinking about it oh my god

Feb 2, 2013
3:21 am
#422 Sofija :

OMG I have a phobia of vomiting heights and slugs! Having a fear of vomiting is not weird when I first got it I couldn’t go anywhere! And when I got into the 3rd grade I got so freakin nervous and when I go near stairs my legs feel like jelly. Oh and having a fear of slugs might sound weird to you but it’s serious to me. I really hope i don’t step on any when I go outside bare footed.

Feb 2, 2013
3:26 am
#423 Sofija :

Sarah I have all the same phobias!

Feb 25, 2013
2:51 am
#424 banana :

i have the fear of people following me stalking me, finding out where i live by recording my voice or tracking me down by my license plate number, (i know its weird)i also have the fear of dolls (pediophobia)

Mar 8, 2013
10:28 pm
#425 MacKenzie :

I have Laridaphobia a fear of seagulls is quite serious actually

Mar 16, 2013
8:45 pm

I have a fear of repetitive miniscule patterns, like on Minecraft when you make TNT on the top and you fly up to make a bedrock tower to be standing on something when the universe explodes and or crashes your- nvm i wont

I also have a fear of extremely load static, staticky TV screens, and also eerie noises and darkness taking place at the exact same time, oh, and i used to be afraid of the darkness when i was a bit younger, although it lasted not long.

Mar 16, 2013
8:47 pm
#427 Omnom Nommington :

oh and i get maniacally claustrophobic when i accidentally zip up the sleeping bag with the zipper at the toes. I DID THAT ONCE!!! i got myself out, but the thought of it… D:

Mar 26, 2013
7:12 pm
#428 Amber :

I’m afraid of possums. One night, i was sitting in my backyard and I was distracted because I was messing with my phone. I felt something soft brush against my leg and I thought it was one of the many cats I have…it was an ugly ass possum! It ran off when I jumped in surprise and it didn’t bite me (thank god) but I then ran down the block screaming. When I got to the end of the block, I threw up because I was so scared! Possums are soooo creepy. I don’t mind raccoons or skunks or any other critter that comes out at night but possums I can’t tolerate. It’s mostly the way they look that scares me. They look like giant mutated rats morphed with an owl (idk, that’s what I see when I look at their faces lol). *shutters* eeek!

Apr 15, 2013
11:21 am
#429 Olivia :

I’m really scared of taxidermy animals! Especially if they are big.I had a dream when i was about 6 years old, that i was stuck in a little glassbox with taxidermy lions and zebras, and then they came to life.
I also have Nosocomephobia ( fear of hospitals ), Pediophobia (fear of dolls), Gerascophobia (fear of growing old)

Jun 16, 2013
2:03 am
#430 Gabby :

I have a phobia of small holes close together, I don’t know why, it gives me chills and goosebumps and I start itching all over. I have nightmares about them, I have always been like this. does anyone else have this? I also have a phobia of spiders (black widows in particular)

Jun 23, 2013
5:35 pm
#431 erin :

Pteronarcophobia – fear of flies. I have the most irrational fear of flies. I can’t stand to look at them or be near them, even thinking of them gets me freaked out. Once there was a fly in my room, I had a panic attack and ran out, and didn’t go in my room for a month.

Oct 13, 2013
9:55 am
#432 Georgie :

Is there a proper name for having a phobia against getting drunk/drunk people? My friends were talking about getting drunk yesterday and I started shaking really badly, my heart was beating faster, I felt like I was going to be sick!
No silly answers because I would really like to know.

Nov 10, 2013
9:59 am
#433 Maggie :

I have a fear that a million tiny bugs are crawling on me all of the time. I can feel them, I don’t know if they really are there or I just imagine it. I am also deathly afraid of spiders. They creep me out!!!

Nov 13, 2013
10:18 pm
#434 Nicole :

Okay I have a fear of staples, anyone know what it’s called ????????????

Nov 17, 2013
3:22 am
#435 Hunter :

I am 12 and have carpophobia ( dont know if i spelled that right :p ) its the fear of wrists lol weird i know but i cant stand when i look at mine or someone elses wrist with the vains and the bone sticking up, i do this weird thing with my wrist where i flip them inside out when i see it

Dec 10, 2013
1:54 am
#436 Grace :

Does any1 know what the fear of staple guns is? I know it seems wierd, but I just freak out every time some1 points one towards me! I think it’s cause I don’t want 2 get shot w/ a staple, but who knows. I also have a fear of knives, like those butcher knives, but I guess that is more reasonable.

Jul 7, 2014
9:13 am
#437 xElliex :

I have hematophobia- fear of blood.
It really freaks me out! Im okay with my blood, but when its someone elses… blegh. I cry and feel like Im going to vomit. Then people describe it and its all red and grooss and I just looked at my red hat and felt like vomiting.
P.S I am turning 12 October 2014
P.SS Please dont just repeat phobias from the list cos we have all read it and WE KNOW, OKAY. Thanks! ;-D

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