Meet Mofu – The Fake Vegetable / Fruit Substitute

Mofu Vagetable Substitute

Do you feel weird (I don’t) consuming meats in front of your vegetarian or even worse vegan friends? Made feel horrible by their guilty looks and comments.

Well now there Mofu, the vegatable / fruit substitute. It’s actually meat but it tastes, looks and smells like vegetables or fruits. So you now have your meat fix even if you’re forced to attend to yet another vegan picnic. The best of course paying it back…

Mofu – Like The Real Deal

How many times have you been tricked, thinking what you’re eating real meat. But then the hyper excited face your your not meat eating friend gave away that it was actually substitute. You can do the same now with Mofu! Oh, their reaction when they find out it was actually real meat. But hey, you can be like .. doesn’t it look and taste like real broccoli.

Mofu, doesn’t really exist but I wish it would, really badly. But in the meantime, if you’re thinking of cutting back on the meats, check out the Meat Substitutes.

So many free cookbooks!

Fruit Substitute

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