New Hype – Blackchain Tamagotchi aka Ethergotchi

Blockchain Tamagotchi

If you’re my age, chances are pretty high that you were taking care of your very own Tamagotchi  and if not, screw you! Just kidding 🙂 Anyways I loved taking care of my digital pet but I honestly can’t remember when I lost interest, one day I just forgot and my little Tamagotchi died.

But thanks to the ever growing opportunities of the blockchain there is a new digital pet game on the block! And it can make you money. Say hello to Ethergotchi!

Just for signing up you’ll receive one egg – if you refer people to the game you’ll get rewards in form of egg upgrades. You have until February 16th to refer people. Then you you’ll receive token from the game to take care of your egg (which will go through different life cycles). You month you’ll receive 300 CHI – with those you can perform / have interactions with your egg:

  • Cradle
  • Kiss
  • Pet
  • Roll
  • Sing

You can always sell your egg at one point and the rarer your egg / creature is the more value it has.

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