Put The Galaxy Where Your Mouth Is: Planet Lollipops

Galaxy Lollipops

Have a big bang your mouth and suck one of those galaxy lollipops. In theory a fun sweet but to be honest I’m not a big fan of hard candy. It just makes me think about how the sugar will rott my tooth so I always go for a taste of it and then spit it out. But these galaxy suckers are pretty cool.

From their product page:

Our ingredients are sourced here locally in the United States. Flavors for our Galaxy Lollipops include: Melon Cotton Candy Green Apple Guava Watermelon Peach Pina Colada and more! We randomize flavors each time to it fun! Specific flavors can be requested. The Galaxy has never tasted so good.

Each Galaxy Lollipop Set comes with 10 separate designs, packaged in our shiny Space Foil Gift Package.

Buy them here: Galaxy Lollipops







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