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  • Election Day – Kids As Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton

    Election Day – Kids As Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton

    Today is election day. Yeah, without getting to political I’m just saying I would have like to see two other people on the ballot but it is what it is. But on the brighter side we got these kids as Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton dressed up on Halloween. They totally nailed it and they […]

  • Happy Halloween – Real Life Is Scarier

    Happy Halloween everybody! Finally today is the day that Halloween has arrived and the creepy real life is scarier clowns can bugger off. Take their masks off and put them to rest at least for one year. I’m also wondering if Halloween was only invented by the candy industry. How perfect, an entire holiday where […]

  • Creative Pumpkin Carving Ideas For 2016

    Oh, oh! Only 6 more days until Halloween. And you still haven’t gotten around to carve your Jack-o’-lantern? No more excuses and check out these creative pumpkin carvings ideas for 2016, crab your tools (preferable those via the link, the best) and start carving. I’m not saying that you have to be on the same […]

  • Halloween 2016 – Only The Cool Stuff

    Halloween 2016 – Only The Cool Stuff

    It’s this time of the year again! Buh! HALLOWEEN 2016! It seems like that Halloween is getting more and more popular around the world. Even in my chosen hometown Valencia it’s getting so big that they even close down parts of the old town because it’s getting way too out of control. But I’m also […]

  • Pumpkin Carving Inspiration 2010

    Ready for Halloween and ready to get your pumpkin carved up? Looking for pumpkin carving inspirations? Here are couple of neat ideas how to stylize your pumpkin this year. If you managed to carve a masterpiece please let me know I would love to add to the list. Below you will find a videos with […]

  • Tom Arma Baby Costumes

    Tom Arma Baby Costumes

    The taste of some people makes me wonder and scratch my head like the little baby in the Tom Arma monkey baby costumes above. Tom Arma, the famous baby photographer – the New York Times writes that he is the most published photographer in the world. I mean not fair, I’m a photographer as well […]

  • Halloween Gadget: Bubble Fogger

    I can already hear all the OHHH and Woows. Be the star in you neighborhood! Check out the Random Good Stuff Halloween post for more inspirations. Bubble fogger creates fog-filled bubbles Bubbles pop and become fog Great for Halloween Includes half-pint of fog solution Includes half-pint of bubble solution More info: Bubble Fogger