Pixel Head Costume

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Yeah .. would be also an easy DIY Project .. oh well! Just buy and you won’t have to mess with paint !
Don’t try to paint straight lines; get a Minecraft Mask instead! These masks were produced by 8-bit robots in our very own factory in the Nether. (Why yes, …

Bloody Skull Candle – Halloween 2012 Is Going To Be Awesonme

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I was too fast with my Halloween Guide for 2012… this should have been included right on top! Oh well, now the candle gets it’s very own post.
At first, you’ll just have a normal skull candle. Place it on a heat-resistant plate, because in a while, you’ll need it! Light …

Brain Eating Zombie Clock

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The Pirate Clock I just recently featured on Random Good Stuff was pretty cool but this brain eating Zombie clock is something else. Eating brains at first seems weird but brain is actually used in some sausages in Germany, well at least they used to. It’s called Gelbwurst which translates …

Full Body Muscle Suit

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Well, if you are looking to stick out from the crowd! That’s for you!
Covering the body head to toe, the Morphsuit has a zip at the back allowing you to fully disguise yourself and hide from the shame of it all. The zip finishes at the top of the head …

Zombie Hat

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Zombies, Zombies! They are never going out of fashion. Now zombie, put an other hat an so you don’t under-cool your brains. Oh .. yeah, you are already dead. So it doesn’t matter too much. But we warned wearing this Zombie hat. You might get shot by some kind of …

Bar Cowboy Gadget

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Hey beer cowboy, not trying to pick a fight here. You are in a great advantage all hands free and stuff.
Beer Holster Arms You With A Cold Brew! Strap on the beer holster for a secure, hands-free way to keep your 12-oz. beverage can or bottle within reach when grilling, …

A Whole Tentacle Arm

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The tentacle fingers where cool but this! Ouch!
Star in your own Japanese horror flick once you put o a pair of tentacle arms to assault your victim. This 3′ (91 cm) x 7" (17.8 cm) diameter vinyl Inflatable Tentacle fits snugly over your hand and lets you pretend you’re slowly …

Pac Man Plush Hat

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Best Christmas gift to give or to receive in 2011
We can’t decide if this is a hat, a hood, a mask, or all of the above. What do you think? Either way, we think it would look spiffy as a Halloween costume, a cold weather accessory for the kid-at-heart, or …

Horror Sightseeing in Palermo Sicily

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I kind of feel sick to my stomach!!! I edited 2 videos and over 50 photos I took in the  Catacombs of the Capuchin Monks here in Palermo, Sicily. Which is home to over 8000 mummified corpses. This maybe was one of the creepiest things I’ve ever done, some of …

Parents Eat All Halloween Candies

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This video is so much fun and shows one of the reason why you should have kids … so you can tease them. Especially the two boys at the end. Man, the kid on the right is such boss and the smaller brother put me straight into tears. I could …

Cool Halloween Stuff, Masks and Costumes 2011

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I’m a little bit late this year due to the latest traveling but there is still time to prepare for an awesome Halloween and I know some of you haven’t started to think about Halloween either. Here in Palermo they are celebrating something like Halloween as well. Family honor the …

Zombie Toe Sandals

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Hey … who wants to suck on my Zombie Toes? Neither my real toes or my disguised zombie ones I can recommend. Anyways – these sandals are great conversation starters and will get you Aaaah and Oooohs – or rather Yikes and Puke! Wearing these will get you tons of …

Super Cool Star Wars Hoodies

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And with the hood on you can still see. It has cut out holes for the eyes!
Long-sleeve, full-zip hooded sweatshirts are 60% cotton / 40% polyester. They have two front pockets and ribbed cuffs and bottom. The ink on this is really soft compared to most of our hoodies. Note …

The Scary Collection of Toupees

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I have to face it – I’m loosing my hair … getting bald. Every time now after I get my hair cut there are more grey hairs and my hair is getting thinner. Actually I’m happy that it just kicking in with 34. My dad was totally bald with 23! …

Haunted Savannah: Bonaventure Cemetery

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I’m posting this because this is probably the coolest thing we have done since we are in Savannah. The Bonaventure is a true magical place and I kind of want to go back there early morning on a misty eerie day. But on that day I will make a huge …

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