Tom Arma Baby Costumes

Baby Costumes

The taste of some people makes me wonder and scratch my head like the little baby in the Tom Arma monkey baby costumes above. Tom Arma, the famous baby photographer – the New York Times writes that he is the most published photographer in the world. I mean not fair, I’m a photographer as well and I could too dress up cute little babies, and could be famous too. Hold on – got to run, got couple of ideas now ! Where are the babies? Where is my camera!

I would do a a baby costume fruit and vegetable series and then I have the same set of costumes for the grandparents but the fruits and vegetables are hmmm maybe a little bit more aged.

Well, they do look pretty adorable – can’t say anything against that!

Link: Here’s a list of all the cute costumes

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Baby Costumes


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