Halloween 2016 Best Costume

Halloween 2016 – Only The Cool Stuff

It’s this time of the year again! Buh! HALLOWEEN 2016! It seems like that Halloween is getting more and more popular around the world. Even in my chosen hometown Valencia it’s getting so big that they even close down parts of the old town because it’s getting way too out of control. But I’m also noticing that Halloween is changing in the USA, communities are actually changing the day of holy spooky night so it’s more convenient. AND it’s getting less scary and more family friendly. As long as you hand industrial (safe) candies it’s all good but NO!!! I can’t be scary anymore … THE CHILDREN!!!!

But Halloween 2016 seems to be a promising year, if the scary clown sightings are any indication.

Here some fun products I spotted for Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016 Best Costume

Why not walk around as hamburger this year and let people take a bit out of you. Look at the picture above, it’s watching you!

More info: Hamburger Mask

Skeleton Dog Halloween

The 11″ Beagle Bonez skeleton dog, if made out of real bones would be the perfect treat for your living doggy.

Buy it here: Bonez skeleton dog

Dragon Candle

Thinking of decorating your house in a dragon theme and you’re looking for some cool dragon candles. No worries, I got you covered.

More info: Dragon Candles

Ghost Gif

Almost like the real thing. Wait, are ghosts even real? One way or the other you need a TV, monitor or a projector to make this work.

More info: Real Ghost In The House

Werewolf Paws

Hey! Get your paws off me. Wait, what? It’s just you werewolf, in that case please continue.

Buy them here: Werewolf Hands

X Ray Socks

I wish they would make other clothing items in x-ray. Dreaming for a x-ray scarf and fedora hat. Excuse my dirty mind.

Link: X-Ray Socks

Scary Clown Costume Halloween 2016

You knew it was coming, Halloween can’t exist without people dressed up as scary clowns causing mass hysteria all over the country. Let’s just hope that nobody gets hurts but I honestly have a bad feeling. Just to be safe please don’t dress up as a scary clown, please.

Buy it here: Scary Clown Costume 2016

Spider Earrings

To calm our nerves after the clown, here some spider earrings … unless you’re victim of Arachnophobia.

Buy them here: Spider Earrings

Happy Halloween 2016, stay safe!


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