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Office Prank Stickers

Hinting around is just weak – say it loud and clear. Place these sticky notes and run the office, which would make the the perfect office prank. And then some of your coworkers wouldn’t even know if it’s really just a joke or if you’re trying to say something with the little message. Haha! They will never find out!

Office Prank For Everyone!

Whoever invented the original sticky note was quite a clever fellow. It’s one of those products that falls into the “obvious as soon as you see it” category of stuff. Of course, like most good inventions a part of it was an accident and part of it a “eureka” moment. And the product failed initially, but caught on after a few years. Being able to stick your note right in someone’s face where they can’t miss it has its advantages.

It’s a similar situation with these Get The Hint Sticky Notes. You can put your subtle or not so subtle message right where it needs to be. Whether you need to leave a gentle reminder or a loud and clear message, these little notes can help.

Link: You can buy these office prank stickers here

F This Stickers

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