YES! You Can Buy Sourdough Starter Online, Thanks to…

buy sourdough starter online

… of course Thanks to Amazon. I made my very own sourdough starter a while ago by exposing flour and water to the bacteria in the air. It works perfectly but it’s very time consuming. Here is a video on how to do it: DIY Sourdough Starter. It will take time but it’s extremely easy. Just don’t let your dough go hungry, it will die otherwise.

Buy Sourdough Starter Online

Now, when we’re visiting family in Ohio we’re never staying long enough for me to make my own starter, so just for fun I was looking on Amazon for a sourdough starter. And voila! You can buy it online and it even has great reviews. So their starter seems to work. I’m in heaven the moment I found out that I can buy sourdough starter online.

Never considered to do stuff with sourdough? Think again …. just saying, Sourdough Bread, Pancakes, Bagels, Pizza ! Just to mention a few.

Buy Your Sourdough Starter via this link.

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