Movie And TV Series Recommendations

Movie And TV Series Recommendations

Looking for a way to get unbiased movie and TV series recommendations? Your search has come to an end, because there’s Criticker. We’ve been working on this page for over 11 years and it’s more accurate in predicting your taste than ever.

Never heard of Criticker before? Then it’s the perfect time to head over to the page. And this is what you need to do before receiving recommendations.

Unbiased Movie And TV Series Recommendations


Start ranking movies / TV shows (at least 10!) before we can generate recommendations.


By now we are able to built your TCI’s where we are able to match you with users having similar taste like yours


Now you can check your first recommendations by looking at your personalized recommendation page or at the new movie releases page.


Advanced recommendations! Check out our full movie and TV series database. Here you can use filters and receive very specific recommendations according to your taste. For example TV series between 1999 to 2009, from the UK which are listed under comedy. Boom!

That’s basically it. Please keep in mind, the more your rank (and not just movies you liked) the better we’re able to predict your taste.

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Movie And TV Series Recommendations

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