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  • Cat Spine Pyro Candle

    Burn that kitty down to its spine and enjoy the flame, while the cat is disappearing more and more. Then the only thing left are the backbone. Out of metal! Sounds cruel and sad? No, no! Hear me out, it’s just a grey candle in form of a cat, which to our surprise holds a […]

  • How To Detect Stinky Armpits

    I would say the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to detect if you have stinky armpits is by lifting up your arm to take a sniff off the armpit in question. Voila, if it stinks you got stinky armpits. But Japanese of course would never sniff armpits in public, so they have a detector for […]

  • MicroBot – Smart Button Pusher

    I don’t know what it is but this smart button pusher presses all kinds of my buttons It’s kind of funny, silly and but year useful. The MicroBot claims to turn dumb gadgets into smart gadgets, triggering a button push via the timer or wifi. I’m trying to come up with some useless usages for […]

  • Steemmonsters The New Game On The Blockchain

    It’s time to drown some Cryptokitties and make room for @steemmonsters . Don’t get me wrong, I will be for always grateful to the makers of these digital kittens. But it was time to auction off my Cryptokitties and buy Steemmonster cards instead. The new crpyto blockchain game has so much more potential, since they’re […]

  • Allergy Problems? Beat It With This Maks and Look Scary

    That allergy season is in full swing and instead of constantly swallowing any allergy pills which can’t be healthy for your body on the long run. So why not try something totally different and scare the neighbor kids at the same time? From their product page: This is the face mask that protects one from […]

  • Silly Japanese Front Bangs Comb Cutting System

    Silly Japanese Front Bangs Comb Cutting System

    It might be silly but I guess there is a use for it. And I’m also wondering if this comb can be used to cut other body hair in difficult to reach corners. Of course this gadgets come from Japan! There was no doubt about that at all. You just need to separate the part […]

  • Universal Income On The Blockchain

    Universal Income On The Blockchain

    The call for an universal income rises from time to time but it will come sooner and later. Especially since automation will result in job losses. Without no job now money, with no money nobody can buy anything, which will result into a collapse! We all need bread to live and to enjoy ourselves. Manna […]

  • Facebook Is Dead, And What I’m Excited About Now

    Facebook Is Dead, And What I’m Excited About Now

    As a content creator, I have lost almost all interest in Facebook. Mike and I have spent years uploading photos and videos, producing mountains of original content… and yet who benefits? Only Facebook. They’ve repaid all our effort by keeping all the profits. And recently, we can’t even depend upon them to show updates to […]

  • SteemIt – The Blockchain Based Social Media Platform

    SteemIt – The Blockchain Based Social Media Platform

    I discovered SteemIt over 10 days ago but the site itself is more than a year old and has about 400k users. As usually I’m a bit late to hear about this new platform which is extremely appealing to me. Especially how the established social media platforms are changing, looking at you Instagram and Facebook. […]