Cat Spine Pyro Candle

Pyro Cat Candle

Burn that kitty down to its spine and enjoy the flame, while the cat is disappearing more and more. Then the only thing left are the backbone. Out of metal! Sounds cruel and sad? No, no! Hear me out, it’s just a grey candle in form of a cat, which to our surprise holds a spine. It’s a designer collectors piece and I can see that many who buy that cat candle won’t be able to actually light it up – it’s heartbreaking!

From the product page:

PyroPet candles is a family of animal shaped candles with a hidden surprise. It may look like an innocuous wax ornament, but strike a match, light the wick and you will soon see the pyro pet candle for what it really is.

Buy it here: Cat Spine Pyro Candle

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