SteemIt – The Blockchain Based Social Media Platform

Steem It Blockchain

I discovered SteemIt over 10 days ago but the site itself is more than a year old and has about 400k users. As usually I’m a bit late to hear about this new platform which is extremely appealing to me. Especially how the established social media platforms are changing, looking at you Instagram and Facebook.

The thing what’s really bothering me with Facebook is that we have our Fan Page followers but they’re not notifying everyone that we posted something new but in stead keep bugging us to pay money to boost our posts.

Also, the constant bombardment with sponsored posts AND the fact Facebook is basically encouraging people to upload videos even though they don’t hold the copyright. So as a content creator I was interested when I heard about Steemit, especially when I found out that they’re paying their users for their content and for participating.

This is our Travel Blog on Steemit.

The main platform is Steemit but based on it there are other sites like:

  • D.Tube A Decentralized video platform very similar to Youtube
  • Steepshot  similar to Instagram

These two platforms are not perfect but there is a very active community working on them to make them better.

Curious? Check out Steemit, it’s free!

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