Free Montreal Travel Book – Today!

Free Montreal Travel Book

Hurry, because for today we made our Montreal Travel Book available to be downloaded for free. Before I waste any more words, you can get your free copy via this link.

This book contains over 91 articles about our 3 month in Montreal, with helpful info and tons of photography about this amazing city. And it looks extremely good on your kindle.

Free Montreal Travel Book – Today!

We follow couple of Montreal Instagram accounts and we see that it already looks very much like winter there. Which makes me remember couple of days in April when we just arrived. It was so freezing cold! And it took until June to get some nice summer temperatures.

Anyway, feel free to download the book, let other people know. And if you have a moment please do leave a review. It would mean to world to us.

Montreal Guide Book

Bonus: Two Fun Montreal Videos!!!

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