UNESCO: Silk Market In Valencia

UNESCO: Silk Market In Valencia

I’m still trying to step up my video skills with the Lumix LX 100 and the Crane-M gimbal. This video of the silk market in Valencia which is also an UNESCO site is a big improvement compared to other videos I have taking in the past.

Finally I get closer but I think my editing would improve so much more with a more powerful computer. For smooth transitions and since right now it’s taking forever to put together footage I’m loosing patience and I make mistakes.

La Lonja aka the Silk Market has beautiful architecture inside and out but my favorite part are the little perverted stone carvings and gargoyles. I mean for real, woman on with beast, ball grabbing and such. I must have been inside the silk market over 20 times but every single time when I’m back I found a new little pervy creature.

And in case you’re interested Valencia check out our Travel Blog or our Valencia Travel Book but now enjoy the video below in 4K of course.

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