Fallas Festival Is The Best

I know you’re still not believing me but Fallas is truly the best festival out there. Please believe me. But images (well in this case GIFs) can tell more than a thousand words. And this year the Fallas Festival is going to be incredible since it’s the first one after it’s addition to the UNESCO list of cultural heritages.

If you’re planning to witness Fallas for yourself this year start looking for a flight and accommodation right now because both is / will going to be very expensive. Fallas officially starts on the last Sunday of February but the main days to visit are from March 15th until the 19th. On the last day they’re burning all the Fallas Figures.

Check out the gifs below, visit our Valencia Travel Blog or download our Valencia Travel Book. You will fall in love with this city.

Bonus Fallas Videos:

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