Can You Get Sick From Masturbation?

Can You Get Sick From Masturbation

Well, if you believe what you read in this book, first published in 1760, then yes, you can get sick from masturbation. Well the true answer though is no (and nope the earth is not flat either), otherwise humanity would be all diseased and irradiated. Nope, no more humans left because they masturbated too much.

There are probably some cases where masturbation goes too far, for example of compulsive masturbation and such. I would say to some extend it’s even healthy for body, soul and society.

How many of you know people who claim they never masturbated? I bet you know some. Hmmm!

Anyways the main reason why I wanted to share with you this book are the reviews!

Check out the book and the reviews here: Diseases Caused by Masturbation (via neatorama)

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