ThinkGeek April Fools Day 2017

Here we go, another round of big cooperations trying to fool us on this oh so special day, using it as a big PR stunt. Banks are going to be like … oh all of your money is gone and airlines .. whoops this flight went off the radar .. hahaha. Come and laugh along with us. What company is going to have to most outrages April Fools Day Joke this year. Oh that suspense! Who went over the line to get scolded by the press and social media? This time you went to far, scold .. scold, scold!

I do always like the fake products Thinkgeek is coming up with. This years they

The Swim Desk

Swim Desk Office Work STation

More info here: Swim Desk

Hot Pocket Sleeping Bag

Hot Pocket Sleeping Bag

More info here: Hot Pocket Sleeping Bag

Bicycle Horn of Gondor

Bicycle Horn of Gondor

More info: Bicycle Horn of Gondor

Hahha, so much fun. Almost as much fun as the MOFU, the vegetable substitute.

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