Popek – The Pooping Pink Balloon Dog

Pooping Dog Sculpture

I feel simultaneously amused and ashamed for liking this pooping, pink, balloon dog sculpture so much. The little touch of the balloon ending of the pile of poop just cracks me. Am I the only one liking it or am I just easily amused? But there are limits though, for example I would never, EVER place this anywhere near our apartment. But to get a little giggle from it looking at it on a website, thinking about that there are actually people buying it and displaying Popek in their home, priceless. But now one thought crossed my mind, what happens if this sculpture becomes a collectors item and will be worth a million bucks one day? Ok, I better get one and hide it somewhere in the closet until the price goes up.

From the product page:

The fiberglass sculpture is finished in a brilliant, high gloss pink or orange, and the vibrant color (as well as the artistic statement) of this playful piece makes Popek impossible to miss.

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