Anti Fashion Shoe: Virgin America First Class Shoe

I’m having a hard time right now. I really like Virgin Airlines, I feel guilty wanting to make fun of these shoes but I just can’t help it. They’re extremely awful. This is a true anti fashion shoe, it’s like someone in 1940 how the shoes in 2016 would look like adding random things like mood lights and a wifi hotspot. But wait there is also a mini screen a a seat buckle.

Anti Fashion Shoe – Why The Effort

They’re being auctioned off right now on eBay for a good cause. So I shouldn’t be so harsh but come on, they don’t even self lace. Who would even wear those in public. They only place where you could wear them without people making fun of them is in Virgin Atlantic’s First Class, I guess.

But guess what, the shoes already reached $11,000 and have still 4 more days to go.


Anti Fashion Shoe

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