A Quick Weekend In Lucerne

A Quick Weekend In Lucerne

I just got back from a quick weekend visit in Lucerne in Switzerland. One of the most picturesque cities I’ve been in a while. It’s truly breathtaking. This was my third visit but I truly would love to come back for our For 91 Days Travel Blog. I’ve even been in touch with the Swiss Tourism Board. But we haven’t heard back yet. Switzerland is expensive, you know?

So happy there is a direct connection from Valencia to Z├╝rich (which is just a short train ride to Lucerne) with Swiss Air.

A Quick Weekend In Lucerne With Whips And Bells

I compiled a little Lucerne travel video with some of the highlights of that weekend and below some more pictures.

But the highlight was meeting the little Labrador puppy of my friend! The picture of it below melts my chocolate heart.

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