Quality Differences Between Youtube Apps

Quality Differences Between Youtube Apps

Two days ago I took my new Camera gear out, the Lumix LX100 and the Crane-M Gimbal and I was excited to take both on a spin. But the hard lesson I learned was the fact that there are quality differences between Youtube Apps.

So I took this 12 long video of the Mercado Central in Valencia, Spain in one take. Something I always wanted to do. Took it home for rendering and uploaded it. The video looks fine when I viewed it on my computer monitor and smart phone screen. There’re some strange jumpy panning movements but I blame that on me not balancing the camera perfectly onto the stabilizer and the lack of practice. But I was still blown away by the quality.

Quality Differences Between Youtube Apps

So I then wanted to see how the video looks like on our huge HD smart TV from Sony. Loaded up their app and ….


It had some horrible contrast added and even worse all the panning shots were jerky and jumpy. It was unwatchable. I was extremely disappointed and started googling away to find a solution to that issue. My initial thought was that my rendering settings must have been incorrect.

But it turns out that the Smart TV Youtube app screwed it all up. Because this morning I watched the above video again on our TV but this time I used the app on our PS4. And voila, the video there looked how it supposed to look.

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