My First Time Lapse With The Lumix LX100 – Sunset Over Valencia

Sunset Over Valencia

I’ve been playing around with my Lumix and so far I’m loving this little camera. Just now I filmed my first time lapse with the LX100. Sun was setting and without knowing to much about the settings I recorded this very short little time lapse. I took a picture every 6 seconds and created a 4 second long time lapse snapping 91 images.

Honestly, the result blew me away. Again it’s not very long but the result took my breath away, especially since I wasn’t expecting too much. But see for yourself below.

My First Time Lapse With The Lumix LX100

Next thing I’m going to try out is the stop motion feature. So stay tuned and if you like please do subscribe to our two video channels of our travel blog and Random Good Stuff.

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