City Of And Arts And Sciences – My Coolest Video Yet

My Coolest Video Yet

If you maybe recall, I just treated myself to a new camera. The Lumix LX100 mostly, to record video. But now I want to present to you my coolest video I took so far.

City Of And Arts And Sciences – My Coolest Video Yet

I come from a photographic background photography is still my love but I have to change a bit since there is barely anymore money being made with photography these days. Which is sad but true. So my attempt to produce watchable videos is pretty new to me.

The next thing I need to upgrade is my computer since it just barely can handle 4k footage. This is going to help me to edit my videos. Right now it is sometimes hard to do cuts and such because the replay in my editor is very jumpy.

The biggest compliment I’ve received for the video below, was someone asking if I shot it with a drone. But instead I used the Crane M stabilizer, bike and sometimes a monopod. And in case you’re wondering, the video was shot at the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia which where they filmed big parts of Tomorrowland.

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