Building The Bandai Hobby Nu Gundam Version Ka

Char's Counterattack

This Bandai Hobby Nu Gundam Version Ka “Char’s Counterattack” 1/100 – Master Grade was our big souvenirs we brought back from our For 91 Days in Tokyo. We had the set sitting in our storage while traveling for a while now but since we finally have an apartment in Valencia and the time to built, we finally got to enjoy it.

Between the two of us it took a total of 10 – 12 hours to built the Gundam. All the instructions were in Japanese (obviously 🙂 ) but it was manageable thanks to google translate. When we first opened the box it was super overwhelming, thousands of pieces and we couldn’t imagine how it even could all fit together. But it did (without any glue) and the result was super satisfying and impressive.

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