Daikin AC Rattling And Horrible Costumer Service

That’s it! I just had it. I have no more patience left! Sorry Daikin, I tried really hard to resolve this issue just between the two of us. But we’re trapped in an endless loop you don’t seem to want to break out of. But I’m!

Before I start, I want to express that we’re so happy that we’re living in Spain where the manufacture warranty lasts for 2 years!

As you might know we purchased an apartment in our favorite city Valencia. Which we rent out when we’re on the road.

So right before we left for Curacao we decided to install two Daikin AC units. Mostly so our guests have heat during the colder month. One for the living room and one for the bedroom. That was in November 2015.

Right before we left for our 6 month trip we noticed the rattling you can hear in the above video. It happens randomly and we can’t replicate it on commando. So we got in touch with our contractor. He sent someone in (by that time we were already on the road). Claimed that it was all fixed. Well, we thought.

After 6 month we came back. We didn’t run the AC until November 2016, that’s when we noticed that the rattling is back. Contacted our contractor. He called Daiking and they sent in their guy. We showed him the video. But of course the machine didn’t rattle while he was here. He opened up the machine. Looked and shrugged and left again.

Daikin didn’t follow up and closed the case. So of course it started rattling again one day later. So we told our contractor again, Daikin sent someone in. Same thing happend, repair guy shrugged and left. Even though the machine still rattled (several times a day but never when the repair guy was there)

So we called again. This time the contractor did hear the rattle for 10 seconds or so. But then it was silent again. Left again. So now we left Valencia for our 6 month travels, this time we’re in Saigon. In the meantime one more service person came in and again, didn’t solve the problem.

What really bugs me about Daikin is that they never ever followed up on that issue. We call, they can’t resolve it, so they close the case. We then have to call again to open a new service request. So the story never ends.

The rattling is extremely annoying and the compressor is close to our neighbor, which we don’t want to bother with our noisy AC machine. These AC unites weren’t cheap and I think we can expect to have units which are not noisy. That’s especially the reason why we got them in the first place.

Daikin by now should have offered to replace the compressor. Your service personal can’t fix it so you have to replace it!

We’re extremely disappointing how Daikin is handling this entire case. Especially their lack of communication and the will to resolve this issue.

Looking to buy a Daikin AC? Go with another brand, we can’t recommend them.

And for us, we have no idea! We probably have to keep playing the endless loop game!


Daikin tweeted back! Let’s see:


Update #2

Daikin now sent an email! Since Daikin wishes not to share with you what they wrote I have to put it into my own words.

Basically saying that even though none of their technicians ever witnessed the rattling noise, they’re yet again going to sent someone one.

I just know how that ends. The machine is not going to do it right there and then. Technician is going to leave again and closes the case. We then have to get in touch with Daiking again. So, the never ending loop continues.

Here is our answer:


The vibration noise does exist. It really happens. I just uploaded a video of the noise from November 20th and 21st of 2015. This was when the unit was newly installed:

This problem has been going on now for over a year.

Besides, the last technician who visited in January 2017 did hear the rattling for about ten seconds, when he came through the door. Also, on another occasion, we called your technician when it happened one time and held the phone towards the unit. He could clearly hear it.

We have videos and several witnesses (our contractor, your last technician, friends and the two of us) who can vouch that the unit has a defect.

We do understand that since we can’t replicate the rattling on command, it’s hard for the technician to resolve the issue. But that’s honestly not our problem. The unit has been defective right from the beginning!

Every company with decent costumer service would have resolved the problem, or replaced the unit by now. We can’t believe that every time we’ve called about this issue the technician comes in, and can’t fix it. So you close the case, without following up to make sure the problem is resolved. So we have to call over and over again.

Why is it on us? Shouldn’t you be concerned about fixing or replacing the unit after our very first call? Don’t we have the right to a fully functional air conditioning unit, or atleast to speak up when we see commercial air conditioner replacement signs that are blatant and obvious? We paid a lot of money for this, and the machine is under warranty! The crazy thing is, we specifically chose Daikin for their reputation of good costumer service and quiet AC units.

Can we recommend your products to anyone? No! Never. And not just because of the rattling unit in our living room. Also, the second Daikin unit we have in our bedroom broke down after just one year, with “Error Code 5”. We were happy when this one was fixed, but still: out of the two Daikin products we’ve purchased, we’ve had two problems. That’s a 100% defect rate.

How is this going to continue? We get in touch with you, the technician comes in and doesn’t know where to even start. Then he closes the case without following up. So we have to take more videos and generate more awareness about this horrible customer service experience.

Please, be a decent company and replace the compressor!

If this continues, we’re going to get in touch with the Consumer Protection Agency in Spain and I’ll start to write letters to your CEO and other board members of Daikin, so they can see how their costumers are being treated.


Update #3

So it finally happened. Daikin replaced the outside compressor! I just don’t know why on earth they didn’t do it as part of their warranty. Why did I have to get so evil? Next time dear Daikin Costumer service, if a client has proof of a defect machine and your technicians can’t solve the issue please don’t let your paying client hanging. Just exchange the machine.

The End!

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