Robot Restaurant Deal – 15% Off! Must See In Tokyo

Robot Restaurant Deal - 15% Off!

Before I start talking about the Robot Restaurant Deal – 15% Off discount, I need to underline that if you’re ever in Tokyo you have to see the show at the Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku. We loved it so much that we went twice. I would recommend going to the show towards your end of your stay in Tokyo. It’s the perfect last evening activity to say goodbye to this amazing city.

The Robot Restaurant not too long ago added the Robot lounge (which you can see at the beginning of the video below) and every person with a valid ticket can go enjoy a drink there before their show. And please do. The moment you step into that lounge you will be in such such a treat, sensory overload and you need to sit down and have a drink! Then you will get ushered down to see the show.

Robot Restaurant Deal – 15% Off!

Tickets to the show don’t come cheap but I can help you. If you buy your tickets via this link:


You’ll get 15% off your purchase. But please keep in mind that if you decide not to go you have’t to cancel the tickets via the site 2 DAYS BEFORE your show.

Now watch the video below and if you’re interested check out this other article about the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo we wrote our check out our Tokyo Book.

Robot Restaurant Discount

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