Turkish Ice Cream Prank

Turkish Ice Cream Prank

Turkish Ice Cream Prank

The first video (below) is probably one of the most important videos I’ve ever took. This was during our time when we compiled articles for our Istanbul Blog. Just a random day walking around near our apartment. The Turkish Ice Cream Prank was on our list of things to do during our three month there. So I started filming and Mike started ordering. Pretty funny video but there’s more to it.

Turkish Ice Cream Prank Made Us Famous

About two years later we got an email from an advertisement agency and they asked us if they could use parts of it for a huge Google TV commercial for Germany. We said of course yes! We don’t live in Germany but my brother, who does, kept sending texts every time he saw our commercial. The video is also embedded below.

We’ve seen one more Turkish Ice Cream seller during our time traveling in Busan, South Korea. There people didn’t feel like getting pranked so they tried to outsmart the seller. Also featured below.

Getting Turkish ice cream is funny but also extremely delicious! Also known as Dondurma.

BONUS VIDEO – This video of mine is the most viewed ever!



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