Vietnamese Weasel Poop Coffee

Vietnamese Weasel Poop Coffee

I’ve heard about Vietnamese Weasel Coffee before and thought this sounds kind of fun. But the more I heard about it, saw how it’s actually made and seen how the weasels are actually held … I find it really disgusting.

First of, you would almost never seen a Vietnamese person leisurely ordering a cup of weasel coffee. So this kind of coffee is to scratch the itch of the “extreme” tourists of Vietnam.

I have zero interest of every trying the most expensive coffee in the world. Mostly because you’re drinking poop! The weasels are fed coffee beans, which are squeezed out as a juicy turd. Then gathered and grinded to presented as this foody / rare coffee thing.

The worst though is, that the weasels are kept in these awful cages with meshed grounds, where they can’t really walk. So they just eat coffee beans, poop and sleep all day long. We’re going to write about Vietnamese Coffee soon our Saigon Travel Blog.

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