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Next Stop Istanbul

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Photo Credit: Matthias Rhomberg
Yes, I’m posting more on Random Good Stuff but not nearly enough. Too many things going on. The new site FreeBook Sifter and now selling photographs as well. It’s getting too much. But we have to plant little seeds here and there. For our retirement, you know! …

Wine Sippy Cup

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Who says adults don’t sippy cups. No more red wine messes!
Double Wall Insulated Tumbler with a unique Wine Glass inner liner design. Tumbler is produced using BPA Free shatter proof clear SAN Acrylic Material. Doublewall construction prevents condensation and keeps beverage at controlled temperature for an extended period of time …

Fine Art Travel Photos

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As you know we started to travel the world over 2 1/2 years ago. 91 Days in one spot at a time. And that I take photos, a lot of them. We publish over 1500 photos for each location normally. The question is, what to do with all those photos. …

Saks Fifth Avenue Christmas 3D Light Show 2012

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This stuff was crazy! First of all the whole Rockefeller Center Plaza was just plain out of control! You can see some of the pictures here: Christmas in New York City. It’s even harder now to say since why the hell am I writing about Christmas but … what’s up …

Emergency Camping Energy Generator For USB

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Ohh. This is perfect when we are next time stuck in the jungle!!!
Whether you live in an isolated area, love camping or feel a strong urge to prepare for a zombie apocalypse, you need a way to cook your chow. Thanks to its unique design, the BioLite Camping Stove can …

LSD Horsey In New York City

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Not done yet with all the New York posts (to be honest there is one more coming up) but I had to share with you this installation I found at the NBC store. This pink tiny horsey with Kirby riding on top of it, just hanging out under this HUUUUGE, …

Egg Yolk Plucker

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Pluck them all! And yes, there is also a free version which doesn’t look very designy but also get the job done! Watch the video here: Yolk Plucker!
And then – Zap! Pew Pew! With no mess to clean up, you can get right to the concoction of your delightful dish …

All The Free Ebooks In The UK

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Our Freebook Sifter site has been now online for a while and has been a great success. Tons of blogs and media outlets have been reporting about and we received many email thanking us for the site. We thought Lastminute Auction was huge but Freebook Sifter topped this site! Now …

Fake ET Hand

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Use these gloves to call home!
With Light-Up Finger! Spielberg’s beloved tale of Elliott and the alien still ranks (adjusted for inflation) in the top ten highest-grossing movies of all time! Vinyl sculpted replica E.T. hand with lifelike detail slips on like a glove, with wrist strap to adjust the fit. …

More New York Photos

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Yupp! No time to waste.. here is the second set of New York Photos… In case you missed it here is the first set of New York City Photos from earlier today. I love this picture above. It’s like the guy who trapped a cloud in a room. I wish …

Weather Crystal Drop

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Vague weather forecast? I don’t care .. this weather drop is beautiful!
Tempo Drop is a modern version of a storm glass, a type of weather forecasting device. It’s made of a sealed glass container, filled with liquids – distilled water, camphor, and ethanol -  that allows the user to forecast …

New York City Photos

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I’m way behind posts I wanted to publish on Random Good Stuff! I’m finally gotten around to touch a up a bit the New York Photos from our trip there in December! Horrible. Get ready from some Christmas themed New York Photos. But mostly you will get some awesome and …

Underpants Sucker

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Minty Fresh! Yeah right! Good thing they are not worn underpants suckers aka lollipops. This would make me honestly gag and puke up a little. I know there is a fetish for it but let me tell you! If it comes down to it you can dip that sucker into …

Forever Alone Bust

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I’m in tears!
our massive library houses hundreds of leather-bound books, warmly lit by your fireplace. On the mantle, just below a painting of you in a velvet robe, is a series of ivory busts. Among them: Shakespeare, Bach, Lincoln, Athena, Einstein, and one you’ve recently added. It will have been …

Bouncy Lamb

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But where is Bee? Bee where are you. Until you realize that Bee behaves like a dog but is a Lamb! Baby lamb in that case! Heartwarming and it is very cute. But for some reason this made me think of our visit to the Trailing Of The Sheep Festival …

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